My festive foodie favourites

During the festive season, we tend to give ourselves permission to eat our own body weight in………………….. (fill in the blank). Why is that, are the shops going to suddenly run out of stock, are we going to suddenly combust if we don’t eat till it hurts to move or is the world going to stop turning if we don’t eat lots of………………….. (fill in the blank)?? Of course not!

This year will probably be the last time we don’t really bother to watch what we inhale over the festive season (big plans next year which includes better food choices).

I wish I was one of these people who could bake, I’d love to bake mince pies & make a christmas cake but I just wasn’t blessed with the gift of being able to bake.

We always have (like most people I don’t doubt), christmas nibbles to hand.

I usually do a christmas nibble table spread –

Our christmas nibble table in 2014.

Our nibble table has definitely calmed down since we moved in together, we used to have all the above plus pringles, twiglets, mince pies, apple pies, little choc rum balls, tins of chocs, along with other fruit choices like satsumas & bananas! I can’t remember exactly what we had last year. I wasn’t going to do one this year but Richard wants one.

Here’s what will probably be on our christmas nibble table this year –

  • Mixed nuts & fruits
  • Raw cashew nuts
  • A roasted & salted nut variety
  • A honey roasted nut variety
  • Twiglets
  • Mixed pretzel/snack trays
  • Mince pies
  • Grapes
  • Satsumas

Richards sister makes us a christmas cake & we love it.

We also buy stolen every christmas – nom, nom, nom.

We love cheese & crackers, Richard will have them often, I rarely have it but during the festive season I have it more often (although, I haven’t had any yet).

A meat selection to have with cheese & crackers – it’s usually salami & good quality ham.

This year, we’ve got a gingerbread house to make & I can’t wait but I also can’t wait to try it either!

Over the last 3 years, we’ve been ordering food from Morrisons, we order our christmas day lunch meat & extras like, pigs in blankets, last year we ordered belly pork with a dipping sauce (think it was bbq or a kind of sticky sauce) for the 1st time & they were delicious. We have been ordering a meat selection platter from Morrisons but we won’t bother this year.

We both have a huge sweet tooth & love to indulge in the sweet stuff, so it’s obvious we’ll be having a sweetie selection.

Our sugar dragon feeding station will look a little like this –

  • A tin of mixed sweets
  • A tin of chocs
  • Jelly Belly beans
  • Lemon sherbets
  • Either choc rum balls, choc orange balls or choc mint balls

We won’t have every single item listed in this post, this is just a run down of the festive foods I like & have had over the years.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent some wondering why some of our traditions go around food???

Remember, if you do indulge, don’t feel the need to overload your body with rubbish, you’ll only end up feeling bad or, if you’re anything like my sister, you’ll end up feeling guilty for days & christmas is a time for fun & relaxing.

Hope you enjoy your menu planning & christmas baking.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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