Blogmas ~ Week 2

As I welcome the second week of Blogmas, it’s Sunday 4th of December & we’ve still not got any deckies up, we haven’t even got a christmas tree!

Sunday the 4th –

I had 2 mince pies & an orange infused coffee, naughty with the mince pies but the coffee was delicious.

I was dead set on having a real tree this year but we’ve not been organised enough to sort it & we don’t drive, so it’s not as easy as just jumping in a car to go pick one. So, this morning, I’ve been looking online for fake trees & there’s some real nice ones & on the plus side, there are lots of offers on fake trees! The thing is I can’t make any decisions cause Richard’s still sleeping (that man can sleep for HOURRRSSS).

Turns out we’ve got a fake tree up stairs in the spare room. Who knew? I thought we threw it out!

Todays advents –

It’s funny how those jelly beans look like a bag of potatoes. Hehe. Me & Richard both got the same flavour beans today & the same shape on our chocolates – a gingerbread man.

Tonight has been a night of deep conversation for me & Richard!

Monday 5th –

It was so cold today, I was walking around at work with 2 fleeces on at one point! Hehe.

There was so much frost on the ground walking to  work.

After work I did absolutely nothing & loved it!

Todays advents –

Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th –

Tuesday was another cold one, I wore my jumper under my fleece at work today – I’m sure the heating needs sorting!

Tuesday night I went round my sisters, it was nice to be there & my brother-in-law not be at work, my other sister came round with my niece & we all had a chinese, it was delicious. It was really nice to see everyone & I haven’t seen my niece in months cause she lives in Belgium.

Wednesday wasn’t no-where as cold as the previous days – thank goodness! I don’t know what was happening on campus today but – just remembered, I do know what was happening on campus today, it was a visit day, that’s why it was so quiet in the morning but suddenly got busier than the average Wednesday around lunch time (oh wow Sarah, could you literally be any more soddin boring?? Shut up!!!).

I had my 1st physio appointment today – my right ankle is really weak & I constantly suffer with cramp & aching with it, generally, it’s fine but every now & then, it plays up quite bad, I’m really paranoid about causing it more damage & don’t put weight on it when I don’t have to, the therapist said that I need to & to stop being so worried about putting too much weight on it. She gave me exercises I’ve got to do twice a day & I’ve got my second appointment between christmas & new year to see how it’s doing, she wants me to do a strengthening class every Friday afternoon (she didn’t say how long for), it sounds a little intense but we’ll see!

Tonight, I went to see my mum in hospital with my sisters, my poor mother, she looks so tired & pissed off! My mother is the strongest person I know, that woman has been through some shit in her life & came out of it all a stronger person but I’ve never seen her like this, usually she can talk your ears off but right now, conversation is such a struggle for her, one good thing is, she can’t moan about anything, the bad thing is, she gets stressed quicker! All I want to do is sit in the hospital with her, sitting by her side watching rubbish TV & stroking her hair till she falls asleep. I know she’s not going to die in the hospital & that she’ll be coming home but I just wish she’d hurry up & come home!

~ I love you my darling precious mother & miss you millions ~

Todays advents –

Thursday 8th –

Work was good today, I was given a tin of biscuits today & a card to say thanks, feeling appreciated is an amazing motivator! One of my nieces works over the road in the café (gorgeous food & fab service) & she needs a slap – she keeps selling my wedges!! You know who you are & if you’re reading this – STOP IT!! Hehe.

I’m starting to get a little nervous that I’m not very prepared for christmas, we’ve not even ordered our christmas meat yet & that’s usually done as soon as they let us order it! I mean, by now, I’ve usually done our christmas food shop online & booked it to come a few days before christmas!! Oh poop!!

Todays advents –

I can’t wait to get burning todays candle, it smells divine.

I took a pic of both chocs cause even though mine was a tad thicker, I was surprised at how different they looked for saying they’re both supposed to be a bauble! Hehe.

Me & Richard made an important decision this week, how do I blog about something so important & personal to us, Richard says he don’t mind, which, by the way is a turn around from earlier this year because he didn’t want me to mention anything about it in my blog posts! Can ANYTHING be to personal to blog about???

Friday 9th –

A good day today, work was fab, we started our holiday hours today, which means I get to go home 1 1/2 hours earlier than usual! Yay. Who don’t like being able to leave work early??

Do you ever have those nights where you sit on the sofa & know you should be doing other stuff?? Yeah, me too! I’m sitting on my sofa listening & singing along to christmas songs while Richard’s doing dinner (we’re having tortellini), looking at the christmas tree that needs its branches plumping out & decorating, thinking that I need to dye my hair before my works christmas party tomorrow & that I need to get stuff packed for tomorrows hotel stay!

Funny enough, even though I know I’ve got stuff that needs doing, I’m quite content to just sit here & sing away to my christmas playlist – The Little Drummer Boy is playing.

 Todays advents –

It’s 5:50pm, we done our advents ages ago & there, on the coffee table sits my uneaten chocolate & unopened bag of jelly beans! Hehe. Every day up till now, I’ve eaten them immediately! Just don’t fancy them yet.

I’m finishing this 2nd weekly blogmas here because I’m going to a hotel tomorrow for my works christmas party & staying over night, the hotel is on the campus I work on & it’s got 5 stars, so I wanted to dedicate a blog post just to tomorrow & Sunday, to record my time there & the party – memory making. Let’s hope I remember to take some pics! Hehe.

Here’s hoping you had an amazing week.

Love Sarah Mx

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