My new favourite tea is a Teapigs…………………….???

The campus I work on has recently changed over to Teapigs & I’ll be honest, I wasn’t very impressed the 1st time I tried them (a couple of years ago now) but looking back & taking into account how I make my tea now, I’m of a mind that I didn’t brew it properly & that makes ALL the difference to the taste of any tea.

My new favourite tea is the Spiced Winter Red Tea……………………


The taste is something I’ve never tasted in a tea before, I get hints of cinnamon, along with a scent of different aromas which, together, smells like christmas & I love it, I’m all for anything Christmassy, this tea also reminds me of those little round red aniseed balls I had as a child – not cinnamon I know but what can I say! Hehe.

I asked Richard to tell me what he can smell & he said, he also smells the cinnamon along with other aromas which, together, reminds him of a big gob stopper that he had as a child, when he lived in Holland, they were fiery hot & turned out to be bubble bum. Hehe, always relates to food.

If you’re not a fan of cinnamon or aniseed, then I feel you may not like this one too much BUT, if you are, then give this one a try, if you also like tea then you’ll love it!

Bye for now.


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