My favourite things to cook

Everyone has their favourite foods to cook. Mine mostly depend on the time of year because, I have different favourites for the different seasons.

My favourite food to cook in the colder seasons are chicken stew & a Sunday roast & my favourite food to cook in the warmer seasons are a good big salad, ok, I know you don’t actually cook a salad (ewww, who wants limp lettuce??? Hehe) & also, love to cook a Sunday roast then too, it doesn’t have to be cold outside for me to enjoy a plentiful Sunday roast! I absolutely love cooking roast dinners anytime of the year, they are delicious & I love cooking each element that makes the dish so perfect, my typical Sunday roast would consist of a roast meat – usually chicken or pork, mixed veg, mash & roast potatoes.

I also love to cook a christmas lunch, my typical christmas lunch would look something like this…………….

A starter of melon & parma ham – this is a hit because it’s light & pretty flavour neutral, so it’s the perfect way to start my flavour full journey through my delicious christmas lunch…………….mmmmmmmmmmm………………!

I don’t know why but I always cook far too much food for lunch, no matter how many people I’m cooking for!

I always do a turkey joint, I’ve never bothered with a full bird – my oven’s not big enough & I find it too dry! I always like to do 2 meats & the other one has to be pig related, usually gammon or bacon joint & pigs in blankets (sausages wrapped in bacon for those of you who may not know what a pig in a blanket is). A heap load of veg which always includes roasted parsnips! I also do mashed & roasted potatoes, not forgetting the stuffing! I do love to enjoy the smell of christmas lunch cooking with a glorious glass of wine!

For dessert, I do a mixture of puddings because everyone always wants something different – choosing from christmas pudding or apple pie, both with custard & meringue with a range of toppings & cream.

I do love everything about the festive season, not just the foodie bits!

On Halloween I like give out a ton of sweets & goodies to the trick or treaters & around Guy Fawkes/bonfire night, I like to throw a fireworks party & I love to cook up a feast, I usually make a roasted parsnip (can you tell we love parsnips in this house??) & pumpkin soup, chicken stew, hotdogs (done in the oven) & minted mushy peas. I always TRY to have something sweet, a couple of years ago I made bonfire toffee, normal & peanut butter rice krispie cakes & last year, I make cinnamon sugar pecans, which went down a storm. To drink, I try & always do a batch of mulled wine, although, out of a bottle, I’ve not attempted to make my own yet, maybe this year???

If I make anything this year, I’ll be sure to make a blog post & share it with you.

I’d love to hear your favourite things to cook………………

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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