My childhood home…

My childhood home is a house full of glorious memories – parties, laughter, christmas, family, friends & playtime, I loved my childhood & felt so much love. Obviously it wasn’t perfect but I doubt anyone’s is!

Among all the laughter & memory making, one thing I didn’t like so much about the house I grew up in was the fact that it was also home to a few ghosts.

The following stories are TRUE but you can believe what you wish!

Here’s why I KNOW my childhood home was haunted…

I don’t have ages for all these events!

The things I remember –

Now then, this 1st memory is a little hazy, but I remember being at the top of the stairs on our landing & seeing something through the glass window next to the front door at the bottom of the stairs & I can’t remember if it was a cat or a dog but I remember finding out that whichever it was turned out to be dead!

I remember, more often than not, feeling like I was being watched from the landing when there was no-one there!

I used to sleep with a giant bear & I remember one night lying in my single bed with the bear on one side, my brother on the other (I don’t know if my brother remembers this or in fact, if I even told him…??) & seeing what looked like a huge dog in the doorway of my bedroom (which, opened onto the landing, by this time, I was sleeping in one of the back bedrooms), I since found out that it was a dog that we used to have but had died. I remember, on occasion, being so scared of seeing anything, that I’d be sweating so much from sleeping with my huge bear (it was bigger than me), my vest & hair would be soaked but I’d rather that than sleep in my bed alone! I would sleep with the bear because I could never see the doorway over it!

I remember hearing noises & footsteps when I was either the only person in the house or everyone else was asleep!

The things I’ve been told over the years –

When I was about 4 years old, upon hearing me screaming, my mother came up the stairs to calm me but I didn’t even acknowledge her being in the room, it was as if I was looking straight through her, she tried calling my name, touching my face & nothing she did stopped me from screaming & not once did I take my eyes off my bedroom door (which, opened onto the landing, I was sharing the front bedroom at this time), my mum believes in God & her faith in God is very strong, (now, what I’m about to tell you freaked me out when my mum 1st told me & you can believe what you like) realising that I wasn’t snapping out of it, these were the words she said AT me (now, I say AT because, I don’t feel like she thought she was talking to me)…If there is a spirit inside this child, then I demand you leave now or be forced out (I don’t know if they were her exact words, I can’t remember exactly what words she told me she used) & she done a cross motion with her hands through the air whilst saying it & the second she finished, I stopped screaming, looked straight at her & said mummy. The next morning, my mum asked me what I saw & I told her it was a little man with pointy ears, a pointy tail & red eyes, it would run backwards & forwards across the landing & then just stop to stand in my bedroom doorway staring at me!

When I was very young, I shared the front bedroom with one of my big sisters, my mum’s told me that my sister’s told her of one night while in bed, my sister lay awake & heard me talking to someone who wasn’t there & she heard me say “no, leave her alone, she’s my sister & I love her”. I don’t know if my sister knows that I know (goodness me, how many times did I have to write the word – Know??? Hehe) but my mother told me this story & when she did, she also told me that I wasn’t allowed to talk about it to my sister, I’m assuming that was because after my sister told my mum, she didn’t want it mentioning again, a-because she may have been so scared & b-she probably thought people wouldn’t believe her or think she was mad! That was many years ago & I’m guessing now it won’t matter about me bringing it up!

I’ve also been told that some of my siblings played around with a Ouija Board when I was very young..! Let me give you a tip, DON’T DO THAT & if you’re in a house where there are people doing that, unless you’re all spiritually protected, GET OUT…JUST LEAVE! PLEASE DON’T underestimate how dangerous that can get!!!

After leaving my childhood home…

Over the years, I’ve obviously moved around a bit & I’ve had other encounters with ghosts along the way. I lived in Colchester for a few years & the 2nd house I lived in there, definitely had someone in there & I don’t think they liked dogs very much, I had a dog at the time & she would just sit at the bottom of the stairs & stare at the landing growling every now & then, also, it would take me ages to get her to come up the stairs to go bed (I never had to worry about her causing havoc up stairs in any of the bedrooms because she would flatly refuse to go up there…honestly, she used to give me the willies! Again, that house made me feel like I was being watched from the landing! One night I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed & my dog started barking in the bedroom, I kept shouting for her to stop it, then she started making a screaming, screeching sound…like she was in a lot of pain (I used to keep her in a pen over night at this time because she was rather young & I was training her to not go to the toilet over night), I ran to the bedroom & she wouldn’t even acknowledge me being there, she just stared behind me (which were just bin bags for the charity shop), I swiftly opened the pen, took her out & that’s when she stopped & noticed me! Needless to say, we slept down stairs that night. A few days after that, I started getting a whiff of lavender/violet (I noticed it happening more often in the days after that), which I knew was a sign that my grandma was around me (she always smelt of lavender or violet), that horrid feeling from the landing started to get less & my pooch never again made those noises & the landing seemed to stop bothering her too! My mum did say it might have been my granddad, he apparently never liked dogs! We’ll never know!

I hadn’t told anyone how the house made me feel but after that night with my poor poochie, I did tell my mum & I actually think that she sent my grandma to protect us! It worked because it all eventually stopped, although the smell of my grandma NEVER left the house while we lived there!

I did feel sorry for whoever moved in after I left!

With the things I’ve seen & heard myself, plus what people have told me over the years, it’s impossible for me to not be a believer!

You’re obviously free to believe what you wish.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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