Face serum & eye products I really wished done what I expected…

About 4 months ago I noticed that the pores on my face had got larger than usual whenever I attempted to put foundation on, it looked like it would just sit in my pores like a puddle of water after it had been raining (I don’t know how else to describe what I felt I was seeing), under my eyes had gotten a tad puffy & I had what looked like dark circles (eewwww!) I also have a little darker skin area in the outer corners of my eyes, I needed to try to correct all this somehow, so these were the 1st things I tried, I thought I’d start by trying the (semi) bottom end of the price scale & work from there! I don’t sleep very well at nights – meaning that – most of the time it takes me ages to feel like I’m tired enough to go bed & sometimes, it takes ages to fall asleep once I do go bed, I’ve even found myself lying awake in bed wishing I’d just go to sleep & thinking……………i’ve got to be at work in _ hours (surely I’m not the only person that does that?)! I know that I need to get more good quality sleep – but that’s for another post! Hehe.

Around the end of February, I wrote a post about some new products I was going to try during March – here’s that post Yay…new stuff, who don’t love new stuff???. I’ve been trying all these products for about 6 weeks now, which I think is long enough to see the results the products say they will give you, so here goes………………………..

The 1st product I tried was an eye gel that I purchased to reduce puffiness. It actually does smell of cucumbers! It is soothing, I didn’t like the fact that it feels like it’s got lumps of cucumber in it, I found myself picking those bits off my face before I could move onto the next step in my morning or nightly routine, it felt like it tightened the area around my eyes & that feeling would last for what felt like ages after finishing my routine but it did reduce the puffiness under my eyes, so much so that it even worked on days when I didn’t get much sleep.

The second product I tried was a face serum purchased to work on my pores, so they weren’t so big, I put it on my face morning & night, I found the serum to go on fine, it smells minty, which I love (I love anything minty), it wasn’t sticky (for some reason, I expected it to be sticky!). It left my skin feeling smooth & not to dry, it felt fine on its own, so much so, that a few nights during March, I went bed without putting any night cream on (I know, shock horror! Hehe). It did reduce the appearance of my pores but not to the extent that I expected it to, I was really hoping that it would reduce them more significantly!

The last product I tried was an eye cream purchased to reduce the dark circles under my eyes & to aid in the reduction of fine lines (stupid crows feet!). Let me just 1st say that it’s the 1st product that I’ve ever used that has amazed me when I 1st applied it. The 1st time I used it, I could see the dark circles vanish before my eyes, even my darker outer corners would vanish whilst I was applying this product. My only gripe with it is the smell, it’s tolerable but not very pleasant! The thing now is that is doesn’t seem to be working like it did, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been using it for a little while & my skin’s gotten used to it or because I tend not to apply as much as I used to (oh deerrrrrr brain), writing that last bit has made me realise how silly it sounds, I OBVIOUSLY should have carried on putting the same amount on! I do feel like it has diminished the appearance of the fine lines around my eyes but they re-appear as soon as I smile! Hehe.

This is how I used them (I used them the same way morning & night) –

I would wash my face 1st (obviously), then I’d pat it dry, I’d then apply the eye gel with my finger tips & gently pat around my eye area until practically all soaked in, then I’d apply 1 pump of the serum all around my face (NOT EYES) & neck, it does dry fairly quickly, so as it was drying, I would gently pat my face & tap my forehead with my finger tips (it’s supposed to help with circulation & that helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles), then I’d apply the eye cream with my fingertips & very gently press into my eye area until soaked in & lastly, I’d apply my face cream.

If you have or intend to try any of these products, I’d love to hear what you think.

Bye for now.

Love SarahMx

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