Yay…new stuff, who don’t love new stuff???

I’m trying out some new stuff during March………….

In my previous blog *I love to love these things* ~ Part 1 I told you about my love of nivea lipcare & about how I’d read that using lipcare with a petroleum type base was not a good idea in the long-term, so after YEARS of using nivea lipcare I’ve decided to try a more waxy based lipsyl & the ones I decided to try are BURT’S BEES LIP BALM 100% Natural – With Beeswax & Burts Bees Lip Balm 100% Natural – Wild Cherry.


I only started using these lipcare products yesterday (Monday 7th March), so it’s to early to give an opinion yet but like I said in my previous post, I’ll be doing a post telling you what I think the 1st week in April.

I’ve also decided to try a couple of new eye products because my eyes are areas I want to concentrate on & those products are Laidbare Pack Your Bags Eye Cream & Yes To Cucumber Eye Gel 15ml. I’ve also decided to try a face serum as I’ve heard that a serum can help with fine lines & pores, the one I’m trying is the Andalou Willow Bark Pure Pore Serum 32ml.


I started using these products on Saturday (5th March), again to early for a review but I can tell you that the cucumber certainly does tighten up the eye area, it’s not something you could wear on its own, that’s for sure! The review for these products will also likely be coming in the 1st week in April.

The last product I was given to try by a friend of mine, who is a business woman, her facebook page is Forever Endeavour & the company facebook page is Forever Living Products, UK, she gives advice on & sells products for the company, the website is Forever Living. She asked me if I wanted to try out a product & if I’d do a blog post on it, telling people what I thought, which I’m going to do. I’ve included it in with these other products for this post so I could tell you about all the new things I’m trying this month but I will do a blog post solely on my opinion of this product, which is Aloe Heat Lotion.


Again, it’s to early to give a full review on this product, I’ve been using it since Thursday (3rd March) but I can tell you it’s not bad so far! I’m aiming to do the full review on this within the last 2 weeks of March. I’m actually a really good candidate for trying anything like this, as I do suffer with back ache & sometimes hip pain, some days being a lot worse than others, which I take over the counter pain killers for on a daily basis, so in order to give this a full try, i’m aiming to not use the pain killers & just see how this helps with the aches & pains!

If you’ve got any new products you’re trying out, let us know in the comments what they are & what you think of them.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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