The glue that holds me together

I love how most the females in my family are ditsy a lot of the time & hilarious with it…………… too!

My family and friends are amazing, I know that’s a standard for most people but I know how nice it is to have it told to you once in a while, just how amazing you are……………….so, my lovelies, you are all amazing!

All through my life, I’ve had a very special relationship with most of my family and each one of them played their own special role throughout my childhood.

I don’t have very many memories of my childhood but the ones I have are truly amazing (most of them)…………..picnics in parks, my dad building tents in the garden out of bedding for us to play in with our friends, spending precious time with my sisters, making plays with my niece (I was an aunty before I was born) in the garden…………..wowsa, she had to put up with a spoilt bratty aunty! Hehe. Sorry for that, I do love you.

One memory I have is of my sister dropping me off at school (which she did OFTEN) but then me making my way home, I apparently couldn’t find my class, turns out, they were in the hall, having PE…………….I remember hiding behind a curtain in the kitchen under a mirror whilst my sister and her friend were doing their hair in said mirror and of course, me being very young (can’t actually remember my age, somewhere between 4-6), couldn’t stay quiet for very long and was discovered! He he.

Joanne & Ant
My darling sister and her amazing husband.

Another memory I have is of my glorious father…………I remember when I was growing up, I was really quite afraid of my dad, if ever me and my younger brother didn’t do as we were told or made too much noise, mum would say “wait till your dad comes home”, so for a few years, I was afraid to do anything untoward around him. It wasn’t until I sliced my finger open that I realised that my dad was not a person to be afraid of but someone who would protect me from anything! I remember going in the fridge for a drink of milk one day (when we had those glass milk bottles), I only remember my dad being in the house, as I took the bottle out of the fridge, it slipped out of my hand and smashed on the floor making a horrid mess, well, I was worried about my dad seeing the mess I’d made, so I scrambled to try to clean it up myself (I was rather young), before I knew it, there was blood everywhere and I had sliced my finger open, I obviously started crying and my dad came running in, I can’t remember what I felt when I saw him but I can imagine I was scared because of the mess, he didn’t even look at the mess, he just swooped me up and got me sorted!…………….From that day on, I was no longer afraid on my dad!

Mum & Dad
My precious parents many years ago.
Mum & Dad1
A more recent pic of my darling parents.

I was really close to my younger brother, whom I adored and still do.

Me & Richard
My very special younger brother. He ended up growing a lot taller than I did.

I have a very lovely memories of my other sister too, throughout my childhood I spent a lot of time round her house.

Sis Jack
My other precious sister.

One of my other nieces has, throughout growing up, become one of my closest friends, she is an amazing person and a model mother……………Love you angelcake.

Tallie & Kian
One of my beautiful nieces and her eldest boy.

I was lucky to have met a little girl at school who, little would I know at the time, would end up being my best friend, stretching nearly 30 years! I’m always guaranteed a laugh whenever we’re together (regardless of topic of conversation).

Me & Manda
Me and my best friend of nearly 30 years.

In 2011, I met the man of my dreams (on a dating website, that I only joined for a laugh, can you believe), 6 months later we moved in together, got engaged and are very much in love and I’m soooooo looking forward to our life together and I can’t wait to become his wife and to begin the rest of our lives as husband and wife, we have so many plans together (which, I’ll probably share with you all). We’re on the same wavelength and laugh together, hard, so much, he even makes me laugh when I don’t want to laugh!

My Richard
My gorgeous fiancé.
Being Silly
Silly as usual! He he.

Well, that’s it, that’s how special you all are to me (and some).

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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