Dear Heavenly Father

How can I even start to right a letter of love & thanks to the one who’s responsible for my life, for saving my life & for lifting me up all the times I’ve fallen?

Dear Heavenly Father,

On this day of the resurrection of Your Son, my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, I want to thank You so much for Your sacrifice, You sacrificed Your only Son for me, Jesus died for me……me, a woman he hadn’t even met yet, hadn’t even been born yet! His flesh was ripped, His blood was shed, while he was nailed to a cross, all for me, to save my soul & the souls of all those who would believe in You & come to You willingly, through Your Son Jesus Christ. Today, Jesus Christ arose from the tomb, He has conquered sin & death, allowing us all forgiveness for our sins & now sits at Your right hand.

How do I thank You for that??

Words won’t ever be enough but I could thank You in the things I do in my life & my attitude in my day. As You know Heavenly Father, I can be a moaner & sometimes to the point where I’m telling myself to shush! I occasionally imagined Jesus saying to me “come on now Sarah, is it really that bad that you have to be so vocal”? Obviously, the answer is always nope!

I have a wonderful life, with numerous things to be thankful for, I have a home, I have food to eat freely, I have family & friends who love me, I earn an honest living, I have a sound mind, I have a body that works as I need it to, I have the capabilities to love & be loved because You loved me first, I have the ability to show compassion, I have the ability to be patient ~praise You~. I’m thankful that You’ve given me the ability to learn the lessons You’ve wanted me too, I know I’ve missed many opportunities You laid out for me but I feel, I’m better able to recognise them now, although, I imagine I will still miss many. I’m also thankful that You have given me the ability to have peace in the most fearful of times & calmness when things around me entice me to feel anger ~praise You~.

I want to thank You for allowing me & Richard to meet & fall in love & I want to thank You for bringing our church family into our lives, without whom, we would be left to walk this path alone & I fear it would be a lonely one. I have just had a thought come to mind that maybe, occasionally, I depend on them a little too much & I should seek answers to my questions myself??

Trivial I know but I’m also thankful that I now have the ability to follow a recipe as the recipe says because I used to think I could skip things or add things & it turn out fine, nope, definitely wrong……………I imagine You had a laugh or two watching me make those mistakes & learning those lessons?! I’m making banana bread for the 1st time in my life & I’d love nothing more than to be able to share a slice with Jesus. I had a wonder come to mind, of whether Jesus ever ate a banana, I wonder if they were around then & if they were, I wonder if they were ever thought of to be put into a loaf? Random thought I know but You know better than anyone how my mind works.

I love You Heavenly Father, You are my rock & I thank You for Jesus, my guide through life & the help of your Holy Spirit, without which I would surely stray & lose my way back to You.

With deepest respect & love.

Your humble servant.

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