Things I’ve learnt during the last couple of months

Hey lovelies,

I hope you’re having a fabulous week.

I’ve seen a lot of changes during the last one to two months & during this time I’ve learnt a few things about myself which I thought I’d share.

I shop differently

I wouldn’t think twice about taking the last cartons of UHT oat milk off the shop shelf 2 months ago, not because I’m selfish but because I’ve always assumed the shop has more. I will never take the last item of anything off the shop shelf again unless I desperately need it. Also, I’m not going to rush out & buy anything I run out of, if there’s an alternative available to us in the house.

To respect an illness but not let it consume me

Richard has a few health conditions of which I’ve known about for all the time I’ve known him, what I didn’t know was that, according to the NHS, Richards health conditions are considered worse than that of my 74 year old dad, who has a heart condition, the NHS has instructed Richard that he’s not allowed to leave the house until around the end of June but not my dad. To begin with, I was unaware of the implications of this statement & then it dawned on me……the end of June! Richards health is worse than my dads! It was beginning to boggle my mind but then, I took a breath & thought, of course it is, yes my dads knees hurt him & yes his heart isn’t as it should be but he has a fully working immune system, whereas Richard has next to zero immune system! That is why the NHS has put him in that category.

How to wash my hands properly

I’ve always considered myself to be extremely thorough at washing my hands & was always the 1st to remind people to wash their hands when needed but oh, how na√Įve of me! I NOW know how to wash my hands thoroughly.

How to enjoy the small stuff

There’s things a lot of us used take for granted but I’ve learnt to appreciate them & praise God for them.

  • To have a shower with fresh running water, whilst singing along to worship music……absolutely glorious.
  • The sun comes out on occasion & it’s beautiful to watch the suns rays dancing across the garden.
  • Still being able to enjoy a bible study with my sisters in Christ over the internet.
  • I have peace in the knowledge that God loves his children & through Jesus Christ, will give all a chance to come to him. His peace & love is for everyone, you have only to be still, ask him for it & ask Jesus to come into your life (Here’s a link to read about Jesus & there’s lots of links on there too).
  • The sound of birds singing is something that I feel I rarely heard when I went to work because of the early starts, they must be more vocal in the morning – I suppose they’re like humans in some way, in that, after a nights sleep they’re hungry ūüėĀ.
  • The sound of happy children playing with their siblings or their parent/guardian, the sound of a child laughing is a lovely sound to hear, it reminds us that no matter what’s going on around us, there’s always time for fun & laughter.
  • I currently find myself thinking about making a cake for Easter Sunday, I don’t think I’ve ever made a cake in my life, I’ve made mince pies (delicious they are too), I’ve also made rice krispie cakes & cornflake chocolate cakes over the years but never a proper cake, it’ll be exciting to research cake recipes to use ingredients I already have at home & see how it turns out.
  • To enjoy the sunshine in the garden with dad & Richard at every opportunity, yesterday I ordered a cushion & canopy for our hammock, no matter how long it takes to get here, there’s the whole of summer to enjoy it.
  • To smile, even when someone or something gives me a reason not to. My mind is a valuable tool, it can fool me into thinking I’m ill but it can also keep me focused on God, who tells me of the lies & reminds me of truth. I’m happy. Smile your way through today, especially if you have a reason not to.

It’s not down to having to little time

I’ve told myself before, “I don’t have enough time to read my bible” or I’ve found myself saying “I don’t have enough time to do that devotional”, why don’t I? Because I don’t make the time, I always put it down to the fact that I have a full time job ~praise God~ but it’s not that at all, yes we are at work a lot of hours in our waking days but I also spent time watching TV & playing games, when I should have been spending time reading my bible, doing devotionals, praying & spending time with God, I mean, after all, it’s God who gave me this time. They’ll never be enough time in my lifetime to thank him for what it cost him in order for me to have more time & I waste it by doing pointless tasks, so I really should spend more time showing him my gratitude because now I’m not at work & still find myself ‘not having enough time’. I have, however, already started making changes.

Just verbally caring about family & friends isn’t enough

Yes, obviously saying hello, I hope you’re well & I love you are excellent ways to show a person you care but surely, we can do more, how about “is there anything you need”? “Do you want to go for lunch/dinner/coffee/catch up”? Or in todays climate, what’s stopping us from video chatting a family member or friend with a drink & if the sun’s out, go & sit in the garden. Sit & chat with someone you care about for an hour if needed. Make someone laugh, it’s an amazing tonic.

To produce less food waste

I’ve learnt very quickly that food waste can & must be avoided, in these times when going out every day for fresh veg/salad/fruit for that days meal plan isn’t an option & we sometimes have to work with what we’ve got. Therefore, to allow food waste is something that should be avoided at all times but now more than ever when it’s not so easy to replace it. I’ve recycled for a long time but I’m definitely guilty of not thinking to much about food waste, now I think about it with everything I cook, for example, I cooked bolognaise & I didn’t finish my portion & there was sauce/mince mixture left over, so I’ll do more pasta & add a tin of tomatoes to the sauce mix & we’ll have bolognaise again.

To do more to help others

I can make a donation but what I struggle to do is give up my time, I feel there’s a few reasons for this –

  • I wouldn’t know where to look to seek those who would benefit from my time.
  • What have I got that others would benefit from.
  • I find myself wanting to give my time on my terms
  • I’ve found I can be lazy
  • I’ve found I can be selfish with my time

My hope is that I work my life a little differently when things calm down some.

My needs are miniscule in comparison to the bigger picture

When I’ve thought about the things I’ve needed over the last few weeks, it’s made me think about what others must be going through right now – from families who struggle to feed their kids 3 square meals a day because of no school, from the people who can’t leave their homes to get what they need, from the people who work unbelievably long hours to help find ways to help right now, from people who are working unbelievably hard to help us recover, to people who are still living on the streets of this world & it most definitely shuts my thought pattern down, now I just think about today – what shall we eat today? My thought patterns have definitely changed.

One thing that hasn’t surprised me is how amazing God is working in our world right now

We see people going out of their way to help others. I personally have witnessed how amazing our Heavenly Father is – when this all started, I was so full of fear that it occasionally would knock the wind out of me, it consumed my every thought & it was my 1st thought upon waking before I would even be out of bed but the more I leaned on God, the more times I asked him for help, the more times I prayed to him, the faith I had that he would help me & this world overcome this, the less fear I felt. Now, I rarely feel fear, it has been replaced with love, peace, calmness & a smile. This virus didn’t come from God & it wasn’t man made (mankind isn’t that good) but God has found ways to help us all through it –

  • By confining us to our homes (how many parents have had to ground their children in order to keep them safe?).
  • By taking away reasons to go out
  • By forcing us to go back to our basics & rediscover what’s actually important.

Have you learnt anything about yourself during these last couple of months?

I hope you have a glorious week.

~May God bless you & your family~

Bye for now.

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