Wedding planning Wednesday

Hey lovelies,

I hope you’re having a glorious week.

I can’t believe that summer starts in just 9 days.

I also can’t believe that it’s half way through the year.

In a previous blog post I mentioned doing wedding planning updates & now I feel I actually have one, I also wanted to document the planning process as much as my procrastination brain will allow me to.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that we’d booked the church or not but we have (yay).

The DJ

I’ve got a friend who’s husband is the DJ.

Wedding Cake

Potentially an old work colleague who’s making our wedding cake, as far as photography & videography goes, I’ve no idea but I have faith that it will all fall into place.

The Bridal Party

Regarding our wedding party……now then, bridesmaids, wowsa! I used to be all for the cuteness factor of little tots in frilly dresses & young girls in gorgeous dresses but now, I’m more about showing appreciation for the women who have shaped me & my life along the way.

A long distance friend who I’ve asked to be bridesmaid asked me, “are you sure you want me to do it?”, she was concerned that she’d not shown the greatest example of friendship but what I try to express to her is that, although we haven’t spoken more than 4 times in the past year, which we’re both to blame for, I remember a time when I would spend, what feels like every day with her & her family & was always made welcome, like part of the family & although, since I moved away, I’ve not seen much of them at all, which again, we’re both to blame for, I know that if I turned up on her door step, I’d again be welcomed in like a member of the family. True friendship runs deep & lasts a lifetime. I love her like my family & that is why I asked her.

I have of course got some little bridesmaids but I’m not interested in dressing them up in frilly little dresses, I want them to wear something they’ll wear again, unless of course, they want frills??

Wedding Stationary

I really wanted to get the save the date cards out before the end of May but that didn’t happen, we bought save the date cards & added personal touches, I thought that would be easier & quicker than making from scratch & didn’t just want to post shop bought ones, it worked out well because they’re done & going out over the next few days.

Wedding Dress

I’ve still not thought about my dress yet, I want to lose some weight 1st.


We’ve booked our honeymoon, well, we’re calling it our minimoon because our honeymoon will be a 3 week trip to Walt Disney World in Florida but that’ll be in 2021 because we can’t afford that kind of holiday whilst paying for the wedding. 5 days after the wedding, we’re going for 2 glorious weeks in beautiful Pefkos, Rhodes. Oh my word, if you’ve never been, you must, it’s a truly magical place on earth & the locals are friendly & so welcoming. Please, PLEASE don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself.

This is a restaurant off the beach, I lost count how many meals we had there & a Greek night, which is an amazing night.
A boat trip on a glass bottom boat, so much fun.

Reception venue

I had an appointment on Monday at our reception venue, one of my bridesmaids came along, we tried one of the sauces for our evening menu, it was an apple & cider chutney, don’t get me wrong, it was tasty but neither me or Richard (they let me take some home for him to try) liked it for our menu but both agreed it would be lovely on cheese & crackers. I’ve asked for regular apple sauce to go with our pulled pork rolls.

We booked the venue yesterday, our room is complimentary & we booked Richards mums room as she needs an accessible room.

For our evening reception, the menu is pulled pork rolls, with apple sauce & stuffing, braised BBQ beef rolls, salad & a selection of desserts. We haven’t chosen our wedding meal options yet but we’ve decided that it’s not going to be pork because we’re having pork at night, Richard wants a beef option but I’ll be having chicken because I can’t eat red meat.

Hair & Make up

My hairdresser has agreed to do my hair for the wedding, which I’m excited for. I’ve not thought much about my makeup apart from lipsticks.

Photography & Videography

We’ve talked to a couple of people but not properly looked yet.

I feel a lot easier with the wedding now the save the date cards are done & the venue is booked. I’m sooo excited for the rest of the planning process.

More updates to follow, I’m going to use my phone to record things as they happen to make sharing & remembering easier.

I hope you have a glorious week.

Bye for now.

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