Blogtober#3 – Struggling to study?…

Hey lovelies,

I can’t believe that the uni students are back on campus & the new term is starting this week, Summer went by so fast. Loughborough Uni will be a hive of activity, just like Universities all over the country.

Whether you’re a student at uni, a pupil at high school or an adult/parent learning from home, we all need a little more motivation sometimes. I have an online nutrition course that I’m starting over the month of October & it has to be completed within 12 months, I’m hoping that by writing this blog post, it’ll help me focus & look at new ways to help me study, also to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be that hard to make time for myself.

I have a full-time job, so it’s not always easy to motivate myself to do much outside of work, I’m a self-confessed lazy bum that likes my comfort zone, so motivating myself to do ANYTHING out of that is bloody hard work, even if I do know it’ll benefit me in the end.

Here’s some ideas I feel would help us out more

  • Listen to some soft, relaxing music while you study. I love listening to music & actually can get loads of stuff done on my laptop while I’ve got a set of earphones in
  • Take your laptop & go to your nearest library. The one in our town isn’t the best for study space but the one on our uni campus is huge
  • Take your laptop to your favourite coffee-house for a few hours. I did this once & managed to get loads of blog posts written
  • Work out what your best studying times are asap. I find that I can focus better in the evenings but it doesn’t always do me favours with going bed on time, I sometimes find that when I manage to get lots of blog posts done, it means I’ve had a few late nights, I try to get as many done at the weekend as I can, strangely enough though, I can get more done in 2 evenings in the week, than I can all weekend???
  • Make sure you’re comfy. If you’ve got a sore back or cramp, you’re not going to want to sit there for very long, I suffer with lower back ache & cramp, so if I’m not comfy, I really struggle to concentrate
  • Make sure you have sustenance. I can’t focus on anything if I’m hungry or thirsty, I have to make sure I’ve eaten & got a drink with me, I even have snacks at the ready
  • Make sure the lighting is good.
  • Take breaks or decide on how long you want to study for. Set a timer & once that timer goes off, be strict with yourself, take a break for half hour, go get some fresh air or set the timer for as long as you want to study & then call it a day

If you get stressed with your studies, whatever & wherever you’re studying, remember to breath, close the books & laptop, go grab a drink & get some fresh air.

The last 3 ideas were given to me by Richard, when I told him what I was posting about, he offered me some suggestions. If you have any advise that I’ve not covered, please share them in the comments section below.

Have a glorious day.

Bye for now.


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