Blogtober#2 – I wish I was more organised for Blogtober

Hey lovelies,

I’m going to write as many blog posts as I can during Blogtober, I was only originally going to do one a week as a diary of photos but I thought I’d have a go at doing as many as I could, just to see how I’d fair up for Blogmas, it’s weird but even though Blogtober has more days in it than Blogmas, I feel that Blogmas has to be better, shinier, with more sparkles, after all, it is Christmas.

Getting ahead with anything is going to help you along the way & make life a lot easier. It’s something I struggled with last year when it came to doing Blogtober & Blogmas, it’s clearly something I’ve not learnt a lesson from, because I’m not prepared for Blogtober to be done the way it’s traditionally known for but the way I see it is, I can take from it what I want & as long as I take part in the way I can & not make it a chore or too much hard work for myself, then I’m all for that.

Here’s what I hope my Blogtober will look like

  • I want to make a weekly diary blog post, to go up on Sunday 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th, with a Halloween one going up on 1st November
  • I want to do a few Halloween themed film reviews
  • I want to share a recipe or two
  • I seen an anniversary tag done on YouTube last week, cheesy I know but I really want to do it & it’s my anniversary in October (relationship, not wedding), so I’ll be posting that around the 25th October
  • Different ideas for Halloween – what I put in my treat bags, different ideas to put in your treat bags, what I wear for Halloween, pumpkin carving for work, baking decorating, what I do with my left over Halloween goodies (because I always do to many)
  • I want to acknowledge the way mother nature makes her presence known to me in some way
  • I don’t do horror films because I’m a wimp but Richard & my sister love them, so I’m going to talk them into giving me their opinion on their favourite horror films
  • I want to do some Autumn themed posts too

If you’re doing Blogtober, please comment below & let me know so I can keep my eyes peeled for your content. I love Halloween & Autumn themed anything.

I hope you have an amazing October.

Bye for now.


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