My Summer favourites for 2018

Well, hello there you lovely folk,

I’ve not done one of these in a while but I didn’t want to go into the Autumn season (even though it starts over the next few days) without acknowledging the few things I’ve appreciated over the summer.

Now then, not all of these things are material items, infact, some of them are so precious that, they are invaluable.

The things I loved over this Summer are; –

Burts Bees

Vanilla Burts Bees lip balmI love Burts Bees lip balms & over the summer I discovered the vanilla bean scent, I expected it to be to sickly but actually, it’s a very inviting scent & one that I will be repurchasing in the future.

Home Sense Candles

Every time I go into Home Sense, I always gravitate towards the candle section, mind you, saying that, I do in every shop that has one. This candle I got along with a couple of others but this one, I love, it has 2 of my favourite scents together, bergamot & rose. The box feels luxurious & the candle smells like a good quality scent & not like a cheaply made candle. It lasts for a very long time, the only thing I will say is that I wish it filled the entirety of my home with the scent whenever I burn it but other than that, it’s my favourite candle of the season.


Entwined hearts ring From Pandora.


Pandora is my favourite jewelers.

I bought this ring for myself, for my birthday & I thought it captured mine & Richards relationship perfectly.




Blair Lamb Design

Being a size 20/22 woman, it’s not always easy to find good quality, comfortable tops but when I seen this, I had to at least see what it was like, I’ll be honest, my expectations were low going off past experiences but I was very pleasantly surprised, not only is it a comfy fit but also long enough to cover my bum. This tee I got off an Etsy shop called #Blair Lamb Design, I love it, it’s certainly not the cheapest tee I own (the custom charges was a surprise & a nuisance) but it’s the most comfortable tee I own, the quality feels amazing & aside from the customs issue, I love it, Richard wants the same design in steel-blue & I want to get –

Halloween themed tee
This design in a berry colour crew neck, I think the colour perfect for Autumn time and Halloween.
Crew neck colours
So many colour choices for the crew necks.
Autumn is lovely tee
I also want this design on a crew neck in the colour emerald.









I found this shop through watching Blair on YouTube, she has the most soothing voice, I could watch her for hours & never get bored or sick of hearing her voice. Here’s a link to her channel – Blair Lambs YouTube channel. Blair comes across as a very likeable woman, with a sense of innocence & decency. She’s just the type of woman I would be friends with.

Pefkos in Greece

This year has been the worst of my life to date so a holiday was very much-needed. The 1st two weeks of August were spent in a little place called Pefkos, it’s a little slice of heaven, I can’t believe I’d never heard of it, me & Richard went with my dad, my sister & my brother-in-law. We all had an amazing time & me, Richard, my sister & my brother-in-law are going back next year, I’ve already started a things to do & eat bucket list (hehe).

Richard took some amazing shots while on his plane ride.
Flying over Pefkos and the surrounding area.
Flying over Pefkos and the surrounding area.
Richard had a go at flying a plane.


Week 2 1Glass bottom boat6
My 1st time jumping off a boat.
Always have time for silliness.


Plenty of relaxation & recuperation.






Week 1 8Lindos7
I even managed to find vegan ice cream not far from where we were staying.









Pefkos is a delightful homely place where you can relax completely, traveling around Greece is as easy as getting on a bus here at home. The locals in Pefkos are so friendly & a lot of them treat you like friends. If you ever go, I would strongly recommend you visit the following places – Flyers CaféRoyo ice cream parlourTry this glass bottom boat tripRhodes Old Town, that’s just a few of the things we did while we were there, next year, I want to visit Faliraki water park & the ice bar in Lindos looks something different.


Mother nature

One of my favourite trees on my local uni campus was badly damaged by wind in a storm & had to be cut down, it was reduced to a stump & I was heartbroken, I honestly thought it would never grow back again & I’d never see its beautiful grandeur again. It’s on the mend now & I can see it coming back to what I remember it being, this tree would make me feel different emotions from feeling very small in the grand scheme of things to giving me the giggles because it was a very grand tree, therefore making me seem insignificant & it gave me the giggles because it always reminded me of Harry Potter & the Womping Willow tree (hehe).

I’m so excited about seeing it grow back to its former glory –

My very own whomping willow
I never did manage to get a pic showing off its full glory. Harry Potter fans should definitely have an attraction to this tree in some way.

I don’t know why nature makes me so, so happy but it does, it brings me so much joy & peace, I really should spend more time outside in it. I love to see things changing through the seasons, I haven’t always been like that, I remember looking at things through the darker, colder months & thinking how horrid they looked & thinking them dead & no good anymore……how little did I know??!! I now know different & look at all of natures beauty throughout all the seasons with such enthusiasm & excitement for each season.

I think that next year, I’m going to take my camera & photograph each one of my favourite trees on campus (I have four), showing their changes throughout each of the seasons, starting with Spring.

Showing the 1st signs of Autumn

My 1st look at Autumn.

Those who know me, know how much I adore Autumn & EVERYTHING that the season brings with it, from the colours to the smells, the dark cosy nights to the festivities of Halloween. Our town houses a huge fair in November & I love it.

I hope you had a glorious Summer & have an amazing coming season……Autumn is such a special glorious season.

Bye for now.

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