Mind dump Monday

Hey lovelies,

I hope you had an absolutely fantastic Easter holiday.


If Morning Started Around Noon
Especially today.


It was nice to wake up on that Friday morning, not having to go to work, everyone I spoke to at work the last week of term, staff & student, seemed to be ready for the Easter break.

I went shopping with my best bud at the start of the holiday & it was so nice, spent a fortune & you know what, I’m not sorry.

I started my Easter holidays with such enthusiasm & expectations of what I wanted to do, the 1st Thursday I went to our local Bradgate Park & had a history lesson, we didn’t go for that reason but that’s how it ended up. I bloody loved it, even though I ruined my boots & they ended up in the bin.

It’s now Thursday 12th April & I’m wondering where the last 2 weeks have gone??? I’ve certainly not done all the things I wanted to do but I’ve certainly loved the relaxing break & although, I feel like I could’ve used my time better, I’m ready for the next term.

I had 3 main things that I wanted to do, get started or order the stuff needed for them & they are my annual clean9, having a go at bullet journaling & starting my home study course, I’m really pleased to say that I’ve got the stuff for all 3, I’m starting my clean9 tomorrow (Friday) & aiming to have a go at starting my bullet journal layout over the weekend, I’m aiming to have my bullet journal started & a study plan within my bullet journal for my course by the end of April (wow, how many times can a person say ‘bullet journal’?).

Well, it’s my 1st day back at work after the holidays & I’m wondering what the new term has in store for me? Will I have reason to worry, be excited or…both??

One thing I’ve done a lot of over the holiday is binge watch Disney vlogs, me & Richard are planning a Disney World holiday in 2020 & we’ve (well, me mainly) been researching hotels, food options, things to do & see, basically EVERRRYTHING Disney. Hehe. I seriously can’t wait & I’m so excited about planning it too, I’m annoyed that we can’t book it until next year because of the date we want to go & we’ve got to save it ourselves between now & next January.

I hope you have an amazing week ahead.

Bye for now.

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