Some Summer Favourites

Hey lovelies,

Towards the end of Spring & over Summer, I had a few things I really enjoyed & making notes of them along the way.

Here’s my Summer faves –

  1. Beanies do delicious flavoured coffee, on top of this amazing chocolate orange one, which, if you get right, tastes like Terrys chocolate orange, they also do a fab cinder toffee one which I love to drink over December.
    Beanies chocolate orange coffee
  2. These Deliciously Ella balls are delish & really fill the craving, they’re not the cheapest snack but they’re certainly good on flavour, the chocolate one is my fave.
    Deliciously Ella snack balls
  3. These mango snacks are so sweet & fruity perfect for a sugar craving. I ate quite a few of these over summer but if I’m honest, I’ve not had a bag for a little while.
    Mango dried fruit
  4. The Kind Natured shower gel is fab, it smells amazing & doesn’t cause itching or irritation on my skin.
    Kind Natured products
  5. Oh my, where do I start with these little delights??? I’ve never tried apricots, but I frickin love these soft apricots from Tesco. They are soft, sweet, juicy & actually filling for a snack.
    Soft apricots
  6. I love toasted teacakes so much, & there’s not much I won’t at least try on them. Over summer, I discovered them with coconut cream & strawberry jam, oh my goodness me! Mmm…………mmmmmmm. When I first made them however, I used to much coconut cream & although they were still nice, they’re sooo much nicer with less coconut cream – it’s perfect when spread like thick butter.
    Toasted teacakes
  7. I used to have a stash of these in my ‘treat’ jar & at work, I used to also keep one in my bag. I’m terrible for a sugar craving (though nowhere near as bad as I used to be) & these done the job.
    Maple syrup, pecan & peanut bars
  8. Earlier in the year a few of us from work went to a conference in Birmingham & we discovered these little beauties. They are deliciously refreshing & now we sell them at work. Yay. They’re not as fizzy as the Fanta brand but don’t have as much crap in them & they’re sparkling so they do have fizz, just not loads like the amount you’re used to if you drink flavours like coke & Fanta etc, I personally don’t miss all that fizz.
    Sparkling Ice flavoured fizzy soft drinks

I noticed while writing this post that more than half of my summer faves were craving fillers! How bad is that!

I hope you have a glorious day.

Bye for now.


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