3 things I don’t do that would help me out!

Morning my lovelies.

I’m sure I’m not the only blogger who blogs for a hobby, not for a living & I’m sure some of those people make the same blogging mistakes that I do!

I started this blog with no expectations but with high hopes. I wanted it to be casual & not focused on one specific thing, I also didn’t want to have to worry about the content too much, as in, I wanted to be able to blog about anything I chose & so far I’ve fulfilled all the things I wanted to. I don’t want to change it either. However, I would like to nudge some of my posts into more (somewhat) professional blogposts – reviews, product testing & such.

In order to be able to fulfil the next stage of my blogging wants, I feel that I currently lack in certain areas needed to obtain the opportunities needed to fulfil what I want.

Here’s 3 areas I feel I need to improve on to get where I want to are –

Networking –

I don’t network at all, I’ve wondered (on occasion) whether to look up local bloggers events & attend them but haven’t. I think now it’s time to do so.

Interact with other bloggers –

I used to read tons of blogposts but now I read hardly any, I’m an active commenter when I see or read something I like. I need to make time to read blogposts I like & interact with them in the comments.

Social media –

When I first started my blog, I would flood my social media with my posts but now I only use my social media profiles on the days I post. I need to be more active on my social media.


Those are the 3 areas I feel I need to up my game if I want to have any hope of getting more attention on my blog.


I refuse to be a blogger who pays for views, I often have facebook offer to advertise my facebook page posts to a wider audience for a fee, I refuse to be the type of person who clicks yes to those!

If you’re having the same problems or have any tips, let me know in the comments.

I hope you have a fab week.

Bye for now.

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