~ The year ahead – 2017 ~

I’m not into making new years resolutions! I used to but I got sick of not feeling good when I used to break them!

Richards health is a whole lot better since this time last year, so we’re going into the new year more positive, the only health issue Richard needs to look out for this year is 2 eye ops.

In 2017 me & Richard want to grow our own veg, this christmas, I want us to be cooking with our own grown veg.

For many years I resided myself the fact that I’d never become a mother, I think I managed to convince myself that I wasn’t bothered very well indeed & the people around me too BUT in all honesty, I really do want to be a mother, I know I’ve got a lot to give, I’ve not got the best patience in the world but I know I’d make a fabulous mother & Richard would make an incredible father. This year, we’re planning on going for fertility treatment to aid us in starting our family.

In line with us wanting to start a family, we both have to lose weight, I’ve got to lose the most (about 4ish stone) & Richard has to quit smoking! I recently realised that part of me is scared of losing weight because what if we lose the weight & we still don’t get pregnant??? That however, isn’t the only reason I want to lose weight & get healthier, I want my body to stop hurting & not have to work so hard!

We have a lot of work to do on our allotment in order to grow our own veg, the garden’s fine for us to start growing in. We have a chicken coop ready to build & get some chickens in this year.

I want to start planning our wedding this year. I thought my ideal wedding was to get married in Winter, the start of Winter actually, the Winter Solstice, 21st December, I loved the thought of getting married at christmas time, everywhere has christmas decks up & looks so pretty, then I thought about getting married on new years eve (just me & Richard for the day then??? Hehe), I thought there was something special about spending the day celebrating our wedding day with our loved ones & then seeing in the new year with them too but when I actually & thought about it, my ideal wedding is all about declaring my love for Richard in front of them most important people in my life, it’s a day for happiness, celebrating with the people I love, laughter, games, a full on family affair, making amazing memories & capturing it all on camera & video & if I got married in Autumn or Winter (my 2 favourite seasons), I don’t expect my mum would be able to attend due to the cold weather! So we’ll be picking a date in the warmer months!

My plans for my blog…………….well, I know where I’d like to get to with my blog but I’m not sure how to get there! I want to work with the brands I love, to review old & new products, I want to be taken more seriously, I want to be able to use my blog for both personal & professional purposes, that’s very important to me, I feel I’m going to need this platform over the next 2 years at least for a personal vent & I can’t imagine me not wanting to do diary blogging (got to get better though).

I’m looking forward to working on our future, a part of me is scared because I’m 40 years old & a thought keeps creeping in my head telling me not to dream so big cause I’m to old but I’ll just keep ignoring it until I can’t move or I’m on my death-bed!

I want us to socialise more with family & friends this year too.

Me & Richard have got some amazing plans for this year, we’re so excited & a little nervous.

Bye for now.


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