Food won’t change your mood……………………

It goes a little like this……………….

You’ve had a rubbish morning.

You’ve got a sore throat.

Your hair won’t do what you want it to.

You stubbed your toe rushing to the door to sign for a delivery and it’s throbbing. You opened the package and it’s the trainers for your sons birthday, but they’ve sent the wrong size & his birthday’s tomorrow – too late to get it sorted!

The phone rings, you grab it and a pile of paperwork goes everywhere. It’s your partner saying they have to work late tonight, so can’t pick up your son from rugby as planned.

Oh look, the cat’s just brought in a dead mouse!

You head for the kitchen and make a cuppa. Ah – there’s a packet of your favourite biscuits (bought for your kids/partner/when guests come) and it’s yelling at you, so you open it and eat every single biscuit!
Feel better now?

I’m afraid not –

Your toe still hurts.

The mouse is still dead.

The paperwork is still all over the floor.

Your hair is still sticking up.

Your sons birthday trainers are still the wrong size.

All that’s happened is that now you can add feeling guilty to the catalogue of things gone wrong and you feel like a failure! You’ve just made a rubbish morning even more rubbish!!

I seen this in my Weight Watchers smile book and thought I’d share it with you. I never thought of it like that & it did make me smile.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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