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Who would I trade places with for the day and why

Hey lovelies,

I hope you’re having an amazing start to the week.

I’ve read many blogpost list ideas since I started blogging, lots of which were not relevant to me or my cup of tea but when I seen this idea, I knew straight away who it would be, so I had to do this post (the only problem is, I can’t actually remember whos’ list this belonged to).

The person I’d trade places with for a day is –

  • My niece, Tallie (Natalie).


    ~ Me & Tallie ~

Here’s my reasons why –

  • She’s one of the strongest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing
  • She’s a mother & makes it look so easy & so much fun
  • She has the ability to let you know when she’s pissed off with you, with just one look, I’ve had that look on more than one occasion & immediately thought “why did I say/do that?”, honestly, I wanted the ground to just open up & swallow me (I’m so sorry for the times I received that look). She doesn’t need to argue with you & she doesn’t like to.
  • She loves love, happiness & smiles, she oozes them & has plenty to go around.
  • She’s so girlie, I love it.
  • She has the ability to light up a room upon immediate entry & no matter your mood, always manages to make you smile.
  • She gives her life to her children & has such a busy mum schedule but still finds time to make you welcome into her home, she would greet you at her door no matter the time of day with a smile & an offer of a hot beverage.
  • She puts me in mind of a swan, when you observe her, she glides by gracefully but underneath it all, her inner ‘legs’ must be going like the clappers. Hehe.
  • I’ve never known anyone like her.

The tag words I’ve attached to this post are just some of the words I would associate with Tallie.

I’m proud beyond words to call her my niece & wish I seen her more than I do.

Love you lots Tallie.

I do have more of an unrealistic pick –

Kate Middleton –

I would love to know if she’s able to live a remotely normal life with her family & how they all interact (here’s a thought for you, William & Harry remind me of Stefan & Damon in Vampire Diaries! William’s Stefan, more stable & Harry’s Damon, seems to like danger & take more risks. Hehe).

I hope you have an amazing week.

Bye for now.


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Autumn Bucket List

Hi lovelies,

I don’t actually know anyone else who does a seasonal bucket list apart from YouTubers I watch but I bet loads of people I know have one, they just don’t realise it, you know those times when you think to yourself – over Autumn I want to make apple pie, go apple bobbing, watch fireworks, drink hot chocolate in front of an open fire, bbq or bonfire? Well, that’s a bucket list.

Here’s my Autumn bucket list –

  1. Celebrate Richards birthday
  2. Watch some fireworks
  3. Go to Loughborough fair
  4. Toast marshmallows
  5. Book my works christmas party
  6. Keep a little blog diary on occasion over Autumn
  7. Get all snuggly with fleece pjs & a cup of something hot & tasty (usually coffee or chocolate related)
  8. Watch Hocus Pocus
  9. Watch Practical Magic
  10. Have a girls film night
  11. Eat Autumn inspired food
  12. Make my favourite soups – roasted parsnip & pumpkin & farmhouse veg soup (out of my latest fav cookbook – Eat Smart by 1 of my fave youtubers Niomi Smart
  13. Make chicken stew
  14. Do some Autumn baking
  15. Watch some haunting documentaries
  16. Attempt to watch a scary (ish) film
  17. Buy halloween sweets for the trick or treaters, along with something for a few tricks
  18. Maybe dress up & go trick or treating with the family
  19. Bring a little Autumn indoors
  20. Go walking at the weekend with Richard
  21. Make a list of christmas pressies & go christmas pressie shopping
  22. Write christmas cards
  23. Walk through the Autumn leaves
  24. Set up for doing Blogmas (I don’t even mind if it’s as simple as last years – Blogmas ~ Week 1).
  25. Do a thankful list
  26. Eat some porridge (I’ve not had porridge for ages)
  27. Get excited for Vlogmas (hehe)
  28. Sort out saving stamps & christmas vouchers for christmas food & drink shopping at Morrisons & Tesco
  29. Sort out christmas menu
  30. Plan & book in a family christmas party

So then, that’s my Autumn bucket list, there’s some real exciting things on there & some stuff that will make the up coming seasons a lot easier for me.

A few of these things will go together, so although it may look like a mammoth list, I’ll be able to do a few of these things together, for example – making soup & stew can be combined with eating Autumn inspired food or walking with Richard can be combined with walking through leaves & so on & so on.

Keep Calm & Love Autumn

~ NOTE TO SELF: Print this out & put it on the fridge Sarah! ~

I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Bye for now.


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Exercise, Treadmill, Yoga

My hopeful exercise routine

This post is one for people as nosy as me!!

I see loads of people, on the internet & people I know trash themselves in gyms & workout classes! Well, not me, no thank you. I’m not into working out till I can’t breathe, I’m lazy for one & heavily unfit for another! Maybe one day I’ll be able to run for 20 minutes on the treadmill but, right now, nope!! Over the years, even though I consider myself a go with the flow kind of person for the most part, I’ve come to realise that when it’s stuff that I struggle with, like healthy eating & exercise, I definitely feel that I need some kind of structure & routine (that’s why I never got on with slimming world, it’s far to lacks on structure & it’s so easy to cheat).

I like calm easy fitness. I love the idea of yoga because it sounds to me like it’ll help me concentrate on my breathing, something I’m rubbish at, I occasionally find myself holding my breath for no apparent reason! Random I know but I do! It sounds like it’ll also focus on helping me stretch out my muscles, I suffer a lot with cramps & muscle spasms (I assume that’s to do with my weight & lack of health), so I’m hoping it will help with that too.

I’ll be starting the week off with Monday morning yoga, the only thing I’m wondering is, when I start work at 9.30am it’ll be easier to do that but when I start at 8am, I may just wait until I get home?? Decisions, decisions??

On Tuesdays, I’m really looking forward to going on the treadmill, especially when the warmer weather comes so I can have the window open next to me & feel the breeze coming through. I’m hopeful that Richard will join me on occasions, on the treadmill & rowing machine.

Thursdays I want to throw in some kind of dance fitness, we have the Wii & my niece has the Wii Dance games, so I’m hoping to pinch some & throw my (not so) massive body around my lounge & hope I don’t break anything! Hehe. Or even throw on my feel good soundtrack & shake my booty to it.

I feel like I want to do more yoga to wind down for the weekend (I may be getting this all wrong & find yoga really hard!).

Over the weekend, I’d love to go for a walk (weather permitting of course) with Richard. Also, me & Richard both enjoy  swimming so we can throw some of that in the weekend too. We’re going to be growing a lot of produce this year, so the weekends will contain garden &/or allotment work (it all counts).

I may throw in some more yoga mornings when I’m on the later shifts & some more treadmill sessions when I get home from work after an earlier shift, I’ll see how I go.

I’m not going to be 100% with “I must do this on this day” but I want to stick to a routine with the majority of it.

If you have any exercise tips for a lazy exerciser, then let me know.

Have a glorious weekend.

Bye for now.


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