Do you need prayer?

Hey lovelies,

This will probably be the shortest post you’ve read…

I want to know…do you have anything you want me to pray for you?

Do you need strength, peace, healing, love, joy, help, reconciliation, clarity or anything else I’ve not mentioned, for any situation in your life, do you know something or someone else that needs any of those things?

I’m not willing to pray for any of the following –

  • Excess money gain (example – for someone to obtain more than they need)
  • Excess possession gain (example – again, for someone to obtain more than they need).
  • Revenge on anyone
  • Harm to anyone

The reason I’ve told you that I’m not willing to pray for the above is because I didn’t want you thinking that God doesn’t answer prayers because He does, it would be because I’m not willing to pass on those kind of prayers!

Please don’t share personal details in the comments. If you would prefer, feel free to send me a message through my contact page.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Bye for now.


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