What now…?

So what do I do now?

Hey lovelies,

This post is going to be a bit all over the place, so bare with me while I get it out.

There’s plenty of times when I want to write a blog post but feel uninspired or worried that whatever I write would be boring to read, so don’t bother writing anything, forgetting about the fact that a lot of what I’ve written probably isn’t interesting to most but I loved writing them anyway!

I have numerous drafts & don’t know which to actually finish? What does one write about nowadays? I’m at a loss as to know what to say, ok…I’m not very often at a loss at what to say but right now, I feel like I have a fair amount to say about a fair few things on my mind & don’t know which to start with! 🙄 I suppose it’s a case of deciding which one is more important to me?

I know that I want to keep my blog but it bugs me that I write one post or a group of posts & then disappear for months on end because I just can’t seem to muster enough motivation to be consistent! Which don’t help me or the few people that may be interested in what I write.

It’s not just blog post writing that I’m struggling to find the motivation for, I have an online course in nutrition that needs starting (let alone finishing), which I actually would love to get into & learn more about. The link between the way we think & food interests me, I’d love to know more about my psychology & the things I eat. I’d also like to learn more about gut health.

I do have one fabulous thing that I want to write a post about…

…me & Richard got married last year 🥰💖

I recently went through the list of blogs I’m subscribed to, looking through to see if people are still posting because I’d not gone through all of them for a while, I ended up removing quite a few because my tastes have changed over the time & also, there were a few that weren’t even around anymore.

One of the blogs I’m subscribed to is called Beauty Beyond Bones & I had a read through a few of her posts & I thought I’d share a couple with you –

Called ‘A Reminder in the Sky’. This post made me smile, it made me think & feel the type of hope that only God can inspire.
Called ‘Are We Living In The End Times’. I found this an interesting post to read, very thought provoking.

I’ve made a mental note to make more of an effort to actually read the blogs I’m subscribed to because I really enjoy the ones I stayed subscribed to, I’m just very easily distracted. I think that what I’d like to do & I think it will give me more incentive to read them more, is to share a post from someone I’m subscribed to on occasion.

Well, that’s it from me for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this, your time is even more valued because I know I’ve not been consistent with posting but I’m hoping 2022 will be different.

I hope you're having a fabulous day.

Bye for now.


~ May God bless you & those you love ~


2 thoughts on “What now…?

  1. Keep on writing. I’m still finding something to post almost every day. That might be a bit much but it’s definitely worth considering a schedule, even if it is every week or every fortnight rather than every day.

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    1. I’d like to have a schedule to post once a week & if I can get more posts up on the odd week, then i’ll add in another post.


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