Friday favourites

Hey lovelies,

I hope you’ve had a glorious week.

I can’t believe it’s the 1st of May already, so much has happened over the last 6 months!

When we think about the things that make us smile & make us happy, our minds could go to the latest gadget we have, that new product we are loving, the benefits of right now, our minds also travel to our memories & we remember our favourite memories we share with family & friends.

My favourites for this week are things that bring me so much joy & peace, with one exception that is a recipe, well, it did bring me happiness.

Food favourites

Finished Banana Bread

I recently tried a recipe for a Banana bread & I really enjoyed the whole process of baking it & it tasted good too, I’ve made it twice already. Richard bought me a food mixer for my birthday (I’ve wanted one for years) & I’m going to make it in that next time but using oat milk instead of almond milk.

Favourite books


This book is fabulous because it allows me reassurance, peace & hope by the fact that I can go straight to a bible verse quickly depending on the need right in the moment. It has Bible verses for 50 different things that effect our lives, ranging from the Armor of God to Zeal (great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective), going in alphabetical order (now I’m only choosing one from each letter of the alphabet & not all letters are included in the book) – Attitude, Belief, Counsel, Discipline, Enemies, Faith, Gods love, Hope, Integrity, Joy, Kindness, Love for others, Mercy, Obedience, Prayer, Repentance, Scripture, Temptation, Worry & Zeal.

Some of my favourite Bible verses

Bible Verse Proverbs 3.5

For me, trusting in the Lord is so important because it allows me to have peace of mind, I know that what my life looks like now, is not going to change by my own actions but by the actions of God, he’s locked me in my home to keep me safe & he’s the only one who can give me freedom from it. We don’t have to like what we’re being asked to do or even understand why (although, in this case, I do know that it’s to keep everyone safe) but we do have to obey the rules!

Bible Verse Psalm 18.2


In times of uncertainty, the one thing I can be certain of is Gods love for me & the strength he will give me. He shelters me from harm & will pull me out of any pit. No matter how deep you think you’re buried in the pit you find yourself in, our Heavenly Father can & WILL pull you out of it if you ask him too.

Bible Verse Psalm 121.2


My Heavenly Father never fails to help me, it doesn’t always come in the way that I expect it to or indeed, the way I want it to. One thing I’ve learnt to be better at since I became a Christian, is to have more patience because what I want doesn’t work on my terms but on His.


Bible Verse Psalm 121.7


My Heavenly Father does wonders for my mind & heart, by reading the word of God, I’ve been able to revaluate the way I think & speak, I need to keep my mind & mouth in check, to be able to speak of kindness & love, I can’t control what thoughts pop into my head but I can control how long they linger & my reaction to them, that in turn helps develop a kinder tongue & a loving heart. By reading the word of God, it has enabled me to see the love, gentleness & kindness of our Heavenly Father, is He to be feared, of course he is (he’s the creator of everything, he owns everything & is capable of destroying everything) but not because he’s out to do me harm but because he will use the entirety of his arsenal to fight for me……….all because he loves me.

The things our Heavenly Father asks of us are not to be feared but also, not to be taken lightly. I’ve said it before, He will never force himself on us & if we’re not listening or paying attention, we could miss a task he’s asking of us that could lay out a life of abundance & joy, not just for us but for others around us (after all, that’s what He wants for everyone), we have only to accept the role he wants us to play. I have no idea what role he wants me to play but I’m willing (most of the time) to listen & look for it, I have days when all I want to do is please myself & more of those days than I’d like, I do just that but then, later, I realise all to late, the opportunities I missed & I’m talking actual missed opportunities where I could’ve shared Gods word & shown Gods love but been preoccupied with my own needs or I’ve been to afraid to do it! I must remember not to be afraid to share Gods love for his people, after all, we are all His children & He loves us all & wants what’s best for us, I’m sorry if that isn’t something you wanted to hear but it’s the truth & God is truth!

A couple of my favourite worship songs

Raise a Hallelujah

How Great Thou Art – not my favourite version, I love the version we sing in church

Bye for now.

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~ May God bless you & those you love ~


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