Mind dump Monday

Hey lovelies,

I hope you had a fabulous weekend.

There’s definitely things I miss about not having the world how I’m used to but there’s also things that I don’t miss too.

One thing I miss is giving out hugs to willing recipients but even as I say that, I realise that I don’t hug the people in my household nearly enough as I should like to, I live with my dad & Richard but I’m too scared to hug my dad because incase for some silly reason, I make him sick, even though, there’s absolutely no reason why I should, after all, I’m not sick! I’ve realised, while talking to you that that silliness has to stop today, the 1st thing I’m going to do when I see my dad today, is give him a hug. Oh I do miss hugs. To some, this would seem like such a miniscule thing but believe me, it’s really not, it’s a way I say I care about you & those who know me well, will expect it to be the 1st thing I do when I see them after all this is over!

One thing I don’t miss is the rat race. The days being so busy that, you blinked, hey presto…….it’s the weekend!

If Morning Started Around Noon

Those of us who are lucky enough to be going back to a job at the end of all this ~praise God~, I sincerely hope that we all remember how to balance our jobs/careers, our home lives & other areas of our lives that are important to us & not tip the balance to far into one than the others because that’s when things start to suffer, cracks will show, then negativity & doubt can get in! All areas of our lives will thrive if they are all given the right amount of attention & only you will be able to determine what that balance looks like for your own life.

I was doing a Bible app study yesterday (17th) & whilst reading the Bible verses & prayers, I had this come to mind – by allowing yourself to grieve & submitting to it, we bring ourselves to our knees. It’s easier to hear God through the grief. Whilst we distract ourselves from the grief, we would struggle to hear God, if at all & God’s the only way to completely heal, only when you receive Gods help through the grief, will you be truly healed, with knowing God comes understanding, peace & forgiveness. Today while finishing this I decided that I also think unfailing love comes too.

What am I looking forward to…….More than anything, I’m looking forward to going to church, seeing our church family again & I know Richard is too & I’m excited to be singing worship to our Heavenly Father at the tops of our lungs, in a place where everyone loves him, (I’m really looking forward to that). I’m looking forward to being able to go for a walk with Richard. I intend on book in 3 social things at the 1st given opportunity, they are –

  • Our 1st picnic (outside of our garden) of the year at Bradgate Park
  • Our 1st BBQ of the year – Learn from our BBQing mistakes! – I’ve added this link, mainly to remind myself.
  • I’m hoping to snag our church hall for christmas day & intend on inviting all my friends & family, some will come & some won’t because it’ll (hopefully) be in our church hall – Our christmas day lunch, reading this post again has made me realise how my blogging style has changed a little, I had to resist the urge to rewrite it, Blogmas ~ My Christmas playlist, – Again, I’ve added these links to remind myself.

I know Richard & dad are looking forward to being able to come & go as they please without risk. Every now & then, I’ll remind them that it’s for their own good & protection.

Oh yeah, I made another batch of that Banana bread, I put 5 bananas in it this time, instead of 4, the original recipe doesn’t quite have enough banana for my taste, I had it in the oven for about 55 mins because it wasn’t quite ready at 50 mins. It tasted lovely but still could’ve done with more banana flavour, so, I’ve decided to keep experimenting with different dairy free milks to see what they taste like. I’ll keep you posted.

I hope you have a fabulous week.

Bye for now.

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~ May God bless you & those you love ~