It’s time we planned our wedding

Hey lovelies,

After being engaged for so long now & seeing people get engaged & married during the time of my engagement, it was starting to feel like we’d never get married but I don’t want to spend the rest of our days just being Richards fiancée, I want to be his wife.

They say planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do in your life, along with buying a house……lets see??

Although this will be my second time, the 1st time round, I was very young & my tastes & priorities have changed somewhat since then. I’ll also be able to wear exactly the dress I want to, the 1st time, the dress I wore, although, amazing & the best one in the shop, once it was found, I wasn’t allowed to look at any others because my mother insisted that was the one I was wearing.

Me & Richard have decided that we need to start actually planning our wedding, we’ve been engaged for over 6 years now & I want to marry him, now more than ever, life’s to short to not do what you truly want to do.

Here’s the things Me & Richard have decided on so far

  • We’ve decided that we want to get married in a church.
  • We want a Spring or Summer wedding because although my favourite season is Autumn or (for weddings especially) Winter (I mean……imagine a christmas wedding, somewhere with an open fire, all the christmas decorations up, a turkey dinner for the sit down meal & a delicious hog roast for the evening food???), I want the kiddlies to have something to do (to most adults, weddings are a time to socialise with family & friends you may not have seen for a while, have a well deserved drink or 2, relax & soak up the romantic atmosphere but for most children, they’re boring), so we need warmer weather for the outside because we love the idea of outdoor games.
  • We know we need to find somewhere for the reception that isn’t to far away from our church, that has usable outdoor space (that they’re not to precious about) & it has to either come with accommodation or have some very close by.
  • I kind of know what type of dress I want, it’s completely different to what I thought I’d want when we 1st got engaged but I won’t be sharing that you until after the wedding (sorry).

During the planning process, our plans could change at the drop of a hat due to personal reasons (which I may go into at a later date) & could cause us to bring forward the date of the wedding rapidly.

Me & Richard at our engagement party
Taken at our engagement party in 2012

I hope you’re having an amazing week.

Bye for now.


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