Blogtober#6 – My fellas Q&A

Hey lovelies,

This may seem like a cop-out of a post but I thought this could be a laugh, we’ll see??? I asked Richard a couple of Autumn themed & Halloween questions too.

Here’s what happened

What’s your favourite thing about Halloween?

The sweets, watching the kiddies in the family have fun, watching Halloween themed films (he’s a horror film weirdo. Hehe).

What’s your favourite things about Autumn?

I love the weather, the smells, turning of the leaves, the cooler temperatures, nice open fires. I’m hoping snow is coming soon!! Stews, the smell of bonfires, I love the smell of log & coal fires blowing through the wind from houses.

What do you love about me?

Everything…….how kind, caring compassionate you are. I love how your so understanding with different circumstances. I love your gorgeous smile. I love your nice big cuddles & that we’re both big soppy buggers. I love that you like being tickled (it relaxes me to tickle you). Just to name a few.

What do I do that annoys you the most?

When you do stinky farts!!! When you think you can’t do something that I know you can (you lack confidence). Your aversion to house work.

What’s your favourite food?

BBQ food.

What has been your favourite job over the years?

Working on a farm – working with animals & with my hands.

What has been your worst job over the years?

In a food factory making pre made meals for M&S, standing in one place for 12 hours, putting containers on the end of a conveyor belt.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be & why?

My bladder because I was born with a bladder/urethral defect that wasn’t picked up at birth. I was circumcised as a young child because I had foreskin like leather. The skin of my bladder is like leather. My urethra (where the urine comes through in a man) is under half the size of a normal urethra, which over the years, has caused my bladder muscles to work harder causing my urine to come out like a fire hydrant/jet washer (which I thought was normal while growing up). All of this has led to me having a superpubic catheter, which causes me pain & discomfort every day at the moment. I must have it changed every 5 weeks & it causes me constant pain for 2 to 3 days after that & bruising lasting a week or more & I have to where a catheter bag every night. Not to mention the bladder/kidney infections I keep getting.

Do you ever get frustrated with the world or people & if so, why?

Yes, I do get extremely frustrated with both the world & people. The reason is that I have dyslexia & people don’t understand that my brain don’t work like theirs does. I have to be given the chance to work things out & understand things my way. I’m even struggling to explain the answer to this question. I get frustrated when I can see an easy route to solve a problem but people just can’t see it the way I do. I get REALLY frustrated because I can picture what I want to say but it doesn’t come easy for me to explain what I’m seeing. My brain is like a tornado racing around & I can’t always slow it down to find things.

What I hoped would be an easy Q&A to do & easy questions, my darling Richard really struggled with some of the questions, I had to take 2 questions out because he just couldn’t answer them, all due to his dyslexia.

I hope you have an amazing weekend.

Bye for now.


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