A Pinterest Addiction ~ Part 2

Here’s the 2nd half to my pinterest boards post, incase you missed the 1st one, here you go – A Pinterest Addiction ~ Part 1………….., as I wrote the 1st one, I realised fairly quickly that it would be a tad too long to have the whole thing on 1 post, so I split it!


The following are the rest of the boards that I have to share on my Pinterest.


Health & Being Healthier…………….

Health etc – pins about getting & staying healthier. Help with sleep, headaches & even hard skin on your feet.

Healthy Eating & Drinking – the clue’s in the title!!

Hair Health – this board only has a few pins in ranging from hair style tips to how NOT to wash your hair!

TTC – pins full of tips & advise on helping your fertility & getting pregnant!


Going Through The Seasons………………

Spring Fashion

Spring Gardening

Summer Fashion

I have summer recipe & other ideas for BBQs/picnics/parties listed on my 1st Pinterest post.

Autumn Fashion

Autumn Gardening

Autumn Recipes

Autumn Deccie Ideas

Winter Clothing

I have Christmas ideas for recipes/deccies etc on my 1st Pinterest post.


For Laughs……………….

Just Words ~ Some Funny – a board full of inspiration & laughs.

Just For Fun – pins with comedy movie ideas for nights in, funny reads, game ideas



Man Care – my fella’s got facial growth so I thought he’d like some at home beard care tips!


What I Love To Do…………..

My blog posts – ALL my past blog posts,

Blogging tips – all the help & advise you could possibly need for writing a blog.

Wedding & event planning – my dream job!


I’ve also got a board for……………

Places I’d like to visit

Crafty plans



My YouTube videos

My brothers website


Why don’t you go over & have a nosy through my boards, you’re bound to find something you like.


Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx


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