I turned 40 last week..!

I’m writing this post because it’s not very often one turns 40 now is it???

I had a wonderful childhood with my parents, siblings, nieces & nephews, filled with love & laughter, I’m 1 of 7 children, so there was never any need to feel lonely or bored & I didn’t! Some of the time I spent in my own little world of fairies, magic & endless wonder, honestly, my childhood was amazing & that was, for the most part, down to the lovely & truly amazing family I grew up in! I don’t have a huge amount of memories of my childhood but the ones I do have are filled with love & laughter. We were always doing stuff together – picnics, parties or just visiting each others houses.

I’ve also met some amazing people along the way, I’ve still got friends now that I had before I even turned 10 years old!! I have a one true friend who gets me completely & who’s just as much of a sarcastic tart as I am & I love that I can be completely myself around her! Some friends have come & gone from my life, long-standing friends have stuck around, even ones that I haven’t seen in years (even though we’ve still have some form of contact) but I know that if we seen each other tomorrow, it’d be like we still lived round the corner from one another!

I know how hard it is to trust people but when you find that special someone & you know that you could literally hand over your heart & know that it’d be in safe hands forever, it really is an amazing feeling, not only does it make me feel all warm & gooey but it’s also a bloody relief! Hehe. After a while, you tend to start thinking they don’t exist!

Me at 2 months old. Such a cutie.
Me at 40 years old. I don’t think I’ll EVER grow up! Hehe.

I’ve never been bothered about getting older, being over weight (although, I have done a few diets in my time), not owning a home, not having children (well, that’s a lie but even more so now), even doing stuff towards my love of event & wedding planning or that I have a house & head space with far too much clutter but now, all of a sudden, in the space of a few weeks, they’re all starting to p**s me off!!!

I don’t get it!!! Must be the run up to being 40?!

When I turned 30, I never even thought about it, when one of my nieces turned 30, I thought she was headed for a nervous breakdown & I wondered why it never bothered me but now I’ve turned 40, I feel like………….well……………you know that feeling when you can see the bus & if you don’t start running faster, you’re going to miss it??? Well, that’s what I feel like now!!!

The worse thing is…………….I don’t even know where to start! What a pathetic mess!!!

Changes have to be made, taking on one thing at a time, I think the 1st thing I’ve got to do is de-clutter, a de-cluttered space makes for a de-cluttered mind (so they say), then once I’ve got head room, I’ll be able to get my course done! As for losing weight………….that’s an ongoing project & we’ll see how we get on with having children!

As the journey moves forward, I’ll be, on occasion, using my blog as a diary of sorts!

Let’s hope I don’t spend the next 10 years just sitting!!! That would be just stupid & I’d definitely deserve a slap then!

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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