My Spring bucket list

Hey lovelies,

I want to make some glorious memories over Spring this year.

Making a seasonal bucket list is a way for me to think about all the things I want to do over the up coming season.

I’m looking forward to spending some warmer nights with loved ones & fab food.

Here’s my Spring bucket list –

  • Go on a nature walk
  • Visit a garden centre
  • Go Spring clothes shopping
  • Have or go to my 1st BBQ of 2018
  • Take pics of some Spring flowers
  • Go on my 1st picnic of 2018
  • Swing on some swings
  • Plant ANY veg &/or fruit
  • Declutter my crap
  • Do some baking
  • Take some pics in the rain
  • Visit a farmers market
  • Finish reading a book
  • Host a games night
  • Host a girls night
  • Go dancing for my birthday
  • Get a new different hair cut
  • Go around Lincoln like a tourist
  • Go & feed the ducks – DON’T FEED THEM BREAD!
  • Book a holiday
  • Watch a sunrise
  • Watch a sunset
  • Have a couples picnic
  • Paint my nails a different colour every Friday night
  • Plan 2 meals a week
  • Find a new easy meal prep recipe
  • Develop a weekly or monthly pamper routine
  • Get some pieces for my wardrobe that ACTUALLY reflect my inner style – WITHOUT RESERVATION
  • Spend the weekend in Nottingham & visit Nottingham Castle & Robin Hood
  • Go around the town I live in like a tourist
  • Actually stick to a blog post schedule
  • Go for a drink, alcoholic or not & maybe food in a pub that I’ve never been in before or that I’ve not been in for years
  • Go on a distillery or brewery tour with Richard
  • Spend at week at Richards mums
  • Start my nutrition course & plan out a study schedule
  • Hire a boat or go on a boating trip
  • Watch the stars
  • Have dinner under the stars
  • Make my own granola (from scratch)
  • Go for a walk around my estate with my camera
  • Do some reading outside
  • Try our local butchers for some good quality meat
  • Try 1 or 2 new Spring inspired recipes
  • Have a lunch date with a family member
  • Have a lunch date with a friend
  • Do a car boot
  • Help organise our Ataxia Uk summer fete
  • Buy some flowers to have in the house
  • Have breakfast outside (preferably with Richard)
  • Host an afternoon tea party
  • Try some new smoothie recipes
  • Start coaching session through work
  • Start a course at work

The ones I’ve written in Italic are the ones I’d really like to make sure I manage to complete. I wrote my nutrition course one in this colour to point it out to me & remind me of what I need to get done, (I print these bucket lists off, so I can put them on our fridge door where I can see it, OFTEN).

Wow, I swear these lists get longer every time I do them, I have copied some over from last years bucket list so there’s more than there originally was & I’m hoping that I’ll do more than I did last Spring (we’ll see). I worked out that if I plan my time right, I can do about 8 of these whilst at Richards mums (in Lincoln).

Spring Bucket List

I hope you have an amazing week.

Bye for now.

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