Happy Valentines Day


I hope everyone’s feeling the love of Valentines week, especially as today is Valentines Day.

Isn’t love amazing?! I’m not just talking about the love of a wife, husband, fiance, fiancée etc, I’m also talking about the love of family & friends. Knowing I’m loved by my family & friends is magical, even on my moody days, I’m guaranteed a laugh & to feel loved. Even all the stuff I face ahead, I feel stronger knowing I’ve got a power house behind me full of my very own cast iron cheerleaders.

My parents, wow, where do I start with my parents (I consider myself extremely lucky to still have both parents as I see so many people living their lives without one or both parents & I consider those people to be the strongest people I know!), my mother is my souls guardian angel, my spirits safe house & even though I’m 40 years old, my dad is still my knight in shining armour, my number 1 man & will be till the day I die.

My darling Richard, you came into my life when I didn’t want you (or any male) to stick around, I denied what you knew for so long & when I realised I loved you, it was like a slap in the face, I wasn’t prepared for it & didn’t want it but here we are, over 5 years later & I still can’t get rid of you! Hehe. No, seriously, you know how I feel about you, you are all the things I wanted in a man & more. I love you. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We all have that one friend you can bare your soul to & not be judged for it, that one person who knows a different side of you to anyone else & who loves you & who you love just like family. Xxxx

This ones for all my loved ones. Xxxx

I truly hope you too know the magic that is love, knowing that no matter what you’re going through, there’s someone who will be cheering you on from the side lines, someone who will hold you up when you literally don’t have the physical or emotional strength to hold yourself up & someone who will make you laugh when all you want to do is cry.

Remember though, while your busy thinking about your loved ones, don’t forget to think about yourself, you should be the most important person in your life, after all, what use are you to anyone (let alone yourself), if you’re a wreck or constantly sad or stressed out?! Show yourself some self love & this counts for the men too, they can be worse than us women for this!

It does annoy me a little that love is so commercialised around this time of year. I feel like people put pressure on themselves to shower their loved one with gifts/flowers etc, you don’t have to you know, you’ll still be loved, it’s not about how much you spend or what you come home to, it’s about feeling loved & showing love & NOT JUST ON VALENTINES DAY!!

I hope have a loved up Valentines Day.

From me to you. Xx

Bye for now.


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