What each season is for me……………….

We all love a certain season, they all have their own beauty & contain their own importance for the cycle of EVERYTHING!

Each season has its own benefits for the things we do & the way we feel, not to mention, the way we eat!

Spring is –

Beautiful flowers………………….

The smell of spring, for me, is a fresh & clean aroma, a calming aroma. I love it when the weather is cold enough to make your breath be seen but dry enough to be able to sit outside all wrapped up in the sun just soaking up the sights & smells of spring with the sun out.

The sunset has a special place for each season but even more so when it’s early enough to enjoy it.

Taken where I used to live……………………………

The ground sparkles like diamonds in the spring!

I love Easter in Spring & my birthday is in Spring (April), 2 amazing reasons alone to love this season – chocolate & ME, ME, ME!!!

Summer is –

Amazing tree blossom (taken on our beautiful uni campus)………………………….

For me it’s a time for BBQs, family picnics (not that we manage it every year!).

The air is full of the hope of hot weather & a chance to catch up with our nearest & dearest in the sunshine, having a good old-time right through the evening, enjoying the long warm nights that summer brings us (most the time).

The smell of summer for me is the cooking of BBQ food, I smell a lot of coconut in the summer from sun cream, it’s a time for smiling faces, hope for the long months ahead to enjoy peoples company cause lets face it, we socialise more when the weather is warmer?!

Autumn is –

Amazing colours everywhere you look (taken during Blogtober)……………………………….

Blogtober ~ Week 3

Halloween – Blogtober ~ Halloween Fun.

Bonfire night with fireworks, we usually throw a fireworks party for bonfire night with good home cooked stew, soup & an attempt at bonfire toffee but this year, we went to our local uni campus to enjoy fireworks night, we both missed our usual fireworks party & both said we want to resume it next year………………………


The fair comes to town during Autumn, I love the atmosphere of the fair.

The air in Autumn smells so amazing, full of stew & casseroles cooking, gorgeous spices, it’s  almost romantic. I feel glorious most of the time in Autumn & my surroundings constantly make me smile, I love the changing leaves on the trees………………………………..

…………………………it’s mother natures decorating for the season changes.

The above pics are photos I took of a tree I see every day on my way to work. During Blogtober I took a pic of it every Monday to show how much it changes in just a month! It really surprised me to see how the leaves go from mostly green to hardly any left on the tree in just a month!

We have Richards birthday in Autumn (November) & the majority of the festive season is in Autumn, I love the run up to christmas, although, I haven’t started a single thing yet! Well, apart from a couple of things for my Blogmas attempt!

Have you started your christmas shopping yet OR have any of you done???

Winter is –

CHRISTMAS!!! – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – One of the earliest posts I put up on my blog!

Oh, how I love Christmas, it’s one of my favourite times of the year, I love everything about it, even though we don’t have the amount of money we’d like to have at Christmas & we can’t afford to spoil our family & friends with gifts, I love it.

Christmas smells get me so excited, I love the smell of christmas pudding, christmas cake & everything seems to smell of cinnamon at christmas, which is a yes please for me, I love the stuff!

One thing that REALLY helps us out at Christmas is Tescos Christmas club, the fact that I can opt out of having my Morrisons vouchers as I earn them & that we can buy saving stamps from Tesco & Morrisons all year-long to use at Christmas, we haven’t got as much this year as we had last year but our Christmas lunch is completely paid for & we’ll still have vouchers for nibbles & a couple of bottles! Yay!

If you shop at Tesco &/or Morrisons but don’t use the Tesco Christmas club, save your Morrisons vouchers or buy their saving stamps, WHY NOT??? It’d help you out loads at Christmas, I don’t care what anyone says, we always buy more of everything at Christmas!

I do love a carol service at Christmas too.

In an ideal world, Winter would be this…………………………………….

……………………but, we don’t have that very often (which is a terrible shame).

Winter also sees the start of a new year, which bring new hopes & dreams for the year ahead, we’re always full of new year hope for the future, do you make new years resolutions? I used to EVERY YEAR but I don’t anymore, I wasn’t always very good at keeping them up! Although, January this year, I did do a Whole30 which wasn’t as hard as I was expecting!

I love it on the days when the cold air takes your breath away but it smells like snow!

We also have Valentines day in Winter – I really don’t know why we put so much focus on showering our other halves with love on this day when we’re with them most of the time but most of us fall in to the trap that is Valentines Day!!! We all like getting pressies! Hehe.

I do love all the season for different reason but I have to say that my 2 favourite seasons are Autumn & Winter & I’d find it hard to choose between the 2, each one has its own appeal for me!

The years seem to fly by these days & if you’re not careful, you’re likely to miss the changes! I love to be outdoors & spending time in the seasons, most of the time I don’t even mind it raining! I remember late last year being outside with my bf, so she could have a ciggie & it was raining, we had a gazebo up outside our back door so the smokers wouldn’t get wet! For some reason I decided to just take my coat off & start dancing in the rain & you know what, I loved it, I got soaked but I loved it! Hehe.

I asked Richard what he’d like from each season & this was his answer…………………..

Winter – Snow

Autumn – Snow

Spring – Snow

Summer – Sun

I don’t know why I expected any different, if he had his way, we’d be moving to Alaska!

What do you like about the different seasons & do you have a favourite???

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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