Blogtober ~ Week 3

Evening my Lovelies,

Another week starting, I really enjoyed my day in town with my darling Richard last Saturday, got to do it more often.

Sunday the 16th –

Well nothing happened today & yes I sat watching Vlogmas on YouTube AGAIN! Hehe. Isn’t that what Sundays are for, just sitting & doing what ever you want, even if that is NOTHING???!!! Hehe.

Monday the 17th –

Monday comes around far to quick. It don’t feel like I’ve had 4 days off work (I was off Thursday & Friday cause of the dreaded dentist appointment!) but I actually feel real tired! Goodness knows why??

It’s getting chuffin colder in the mornings now, ‘oiya bugga’ it was freezing this morning!

My weekly pic of my tree. Just look at the colour of those leaves.

I love it when these leaves start turning that gorgeous red colour, I reckon that’s one of the reasons I love this tree so much – it don’t do subtle, a bit like me, people have said in the past that I’m like a bull in a china shop! Hehe.

My dad brought us some cake that my mum had made, when I was growing up, she would make loads of cake, it was lovely to have a taste of my childhood, it was delicious & moist.

I finished off tomorrows blog post ready for in the morning, I was up till gone 9pm finishing it, we’re usually up in bed by then, although, sometimes on YouTube till gone 11. Hehe.

Tuesday the 18th –

Work was busier than yesterday, I have a new member of staff helping out from an agency & she’s really good, its soooooo refreshing.

I finished off the last of the cake my dad brought round yesterday.

I finished off my blog post for this Friday, I really enjoyed writing that one, Richard suggested I start my blog post writing before we’d even had dinner, a good idea because I finished it before 9pm tonight. Hehe.

This week is looking like a week of working & blog post writing!

Wednesday the 19th –

Hectic shite day at work – new coffee machine (took 4hrs to install & set up), deliveries which I never managed to get put away, my store-room is like a shoe cupboard at the best of times but with deliveries that need putting away, it’s horrendous! I was extremely cream crackered when got home. I literally got home after work, me & Richard chatted & had dinner in the kitchen & then went up stairs to bed – I went on my phone…………………….my point is, I’M KNACKERED today!!! I didn’t even see inside my lounge today!!! I started writing todays with the intention of just putting – WRITTEN OFF but at least I have my sight, all my limbs & a family & fiancé that love me dearly.

Thursday the 20th –

Oh my goodness me, the new coffee machine at work is like a child, it needs a lot of tlc, today it ate nearly 3 bags of coffee beans & drank about 20 pints of milk! On the plus side, the coffee is nice!

Ok, so I’m very fussy about people touching my hair, it gets frizzy soooo easy & if it’s fussed with too much, it goes wild! I’ve not had many hairdressers in my life. I should’ve given my hair more tlc over the years! I’m very nervous when I go to a new hairdresser. The hairdresser I have now is pretty much amazing & really listens to what I want, she gets it spot on 95% of the time & the other 5% of the time is because I don’t speak up about the parts that I’m not 100% happy with. I’m rambling I know but the point I’m getting to is that, I had a hair appointment today, which I didn’t know about until this afternoon! My sister made the appointment for us last week & forgot to tell me about it until today! My hair was a mess & it needed washing (hilarious), I usually tie in dying my hair with having it cut so that, I have the ends cut off right after I dye my hair but as I didn’t know about the appointment, I was unable to do that!!! I’m annoyed with the fact that my hair will need dying 2 more times before I get my next hair cut!

My hairdressers website – Taylor & Co & FB page – Taylor & Co Hair/Beauty.

Friday the 21st –

Work was good. The coffee machine had 24 pints of milk today, the amount of milk it’s taking to keep that thing going is amazing me everyday! Oh yeah, have you ever tried Tea Pigs teabags?? I’ve tried a couple in the past, they weren’t bad but oh my goodness, I tried the Spiced Winter Red Tea today & wow, it’s a real treat for the senses, it smells like christmas in a tiny little bag & it tastes amazing, at 1st when the tea is made, it doesn’t taste very strong but as you drink it, it gets more flavourful, I don’t know how long I left the bag in for though, not long enough I don’t think.

Me & my sisters went to the cinema tonight to watch The Girl On The Train, I thought it was good, not as spooky as I was expecting but it was good.

Saturday the 22nd –

I spent the morning catching up on my YouTube sub box because I’ve not watched that much YouTube this week & doing blog post writing.

Me & Richard had a cheeky pizza today…………mmmmmmmmm………….nom nom nom.

Well, that’s the end of week 3, I can’t believe I’ve actually been keeping this up for 3 weeks now, it’s not been easy though, I feel like I’ve gotten better at doing each day or 2nd day instead of leaving it all until the weekend! I still don’t know how Blogmas is going to go, I think the key to that is lots of planning, so I’m already planning stuff for December! Hehe.

I hope you’ve had an amazing week.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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