When I can drive, I’d like to think I would………………..

I’m hoping to pass my driving test before my next birthday, I know, I know, at the age of 40, I should already be driving! I’ve had loads of lessons over the years but it’s not really something that I’ve been bothered about but this year it’s really bugging me because I can’t drive!

Firstly, the reasons I haven’t done it yet – I’ve been in 2 crashes in my life, the 1st one was when I was only about 17 or 18, it was in a 3 door car & we had a friend in the back that couldn’t get out until we had, it wasn’t a bad one, just a bit of whiplash, (I wasn’t driving & it wasn’t our fault), that’s why I will never own a 3 door car! The other one was when I was driving & we were going down a dual carriageway & I had a tyre go, the car hit the central reservation, spun a 180, hit it again & spun back again, I had my mum & dad in the car, I was terrified & I think that’s why I’m not the most confident now, the other problem is, I’m so nervous about other peoples driving, a lot of people would never know this about me! Goodness knows how many mini panic attacks I have with other peoples driving! Hehe. There’s hardly anyone that doesn’t make me panic or jump for some reason!

Secondly, the reasons I want to do it now – When I do pass my driving test, my aim is visit family & friends more often, I have friends that live miles away (Wiltshire & Essex) & my aim is to visit them once every 2 months when I can drive! I also intend to go out for the day any weekend I can manage through the summer, I’m intending to have lots of picnics (picnic for one coming up!!! Hehe). Plus days out. I’m looking forward to taking my mum & dad out for the day, it’ll make a change my dad not having to drive! I’ll also be able to be the buddy that does the driving on a night out, drinking doesn’t really bother me & I can’t handle the alcopops like I used to! Hehe. Also, me & Richard have found a new passion for a place we want to go back to as soon & as often as possible, if you’ve seen my last blog post, you’ll know where I’m talking about, if you haven’t, here you go – A weekend in history for my 40th. I also want to go & spend some time down in Cornwall & do some traveling with Richard! Also, I’m sick of relying on my dad for a lift EVERYWHERE!

I’m also wanting to do a crash course to pass my test because I get so nervous on my lessons, I spend the 1st 30 odd minutes calming down & getting used to the car & this is EVERY TIME I get in to the instructors car, I’m hoping that with a crash course, I won’t have time to be so nervous & it will get me used to driving & help me get over my nerves more!

The only thing I can’t decide on is…………………..gears or no gears!!!

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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