Nailed It!

I was never one for biting my nails when I was growing up but they never seemed to grow to any notable length. In my twenties, I wore acrylics, a lot, I had lots of fun with the different coloured tips you could get.

But then one day, whilst watching a shopping channel that, at the time, I was addicted to, I saw a nail product and was being told that it could make anyones nails grow to a gorgeous length in no time at all, so, I thought I’d see how much truth was in it. I’m not one to get pulled in by hype, so I was sceptical to try it but I thought, what the hell.

To my astonishment, it actually worked and I was amazed, for the first time in my life, I had nails that I couldn’t stop looking at and that were 100% naturally my own!

I stopped using it for a few years but rediscovered it early last year and because I enjoy it so much, I thought I’d share it with you.

My nails go from this……………………………..

They can be shorter than this when I start using the nail envy.

To this………………………………………

They can be shorter than this when I start using the nail envy.

I can get lovely groomed longer, stronger nails in less than 5 weeks (it did take longer than that when I first started using it)!

The products I use are……………………………….


I use Nail Envy by O.P.I the Original Formula nail strengthener and Avoplex nail and cuticle oil, also by O.P.I.

Here’s how I use them…………………….

I put on 2 coats of the nail envy on day one (Saturday), another coat on top on day four (Tuesday) and then I start again a week after I first started (Saturday). I use the avoplex oil after I’ve applied the first 2 coats, applying it to the nail cuticle and rubbing the oil around and on the nails, it advises that you apply the oil a few times throughout the day but I never remember to do that but I definitely use it whenever I apply any coats of the nail envy and I use it most nights when I’m sitting at home. You’ll even occasionally find me putting the oil on whilst I’m walking to work!

If you’re wanting lovely long, strong nails, you really should give this a try.

I’ve recently ordered myself a new bottle because, as you can see, I’m nearly out of my nail envy BUT, that’s not all I’ve ordered, I’ve also ordered myself some new products, also from #O.P.I & i’ll get back to you about those when I’ve tried them!


Not everybody has the same nails, meaning, it won’t work the same for everyone!!

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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